Wednesday, March 2, 2011

He loves that a statement or a question to you...

Did you know He loves you? Such a simple question. But do you know?

You read the words. You hear the songs. But do you believe?

I often wish there was some way to just impute into someone’s brain the love that God has for them. I want it so badly for them because I know the sting of feeling unloveable.

I know what it is like to sit and feel lonely and broken. I know what it is like to read about God’s love and believe that it flows for everyone but me. I know what it’s like to blast right through an encouraging scripture, not paying it 2 seconds thought, because before I could even process, my automatic thoughts told me that it wasn’t for me.

So what changed?

I wish I had the magic answer to that question. It wasn’t instantaneous. It was a process. It is a process.

But, I believe. I made the choice to believe that God loved me even when I didn’t feel it. Not because I wanted to. But out of obedience. Not because it made sense to me. But because I knew the bible was truth, even if it baffled me. I had to decide that I would choose to believe God over my own thoughts.

Did the emotions follow? Not immediately. Did I all the sudden begin to “feel” loved? No, not all of the sudden. But…God allowed some time to pass.

I looked out on the beach. I saw a big ocean. I was afraid. I put my toe in, just the tips. And I stood there for a while. Choosing to believe that the sea of love was for me, but not willing to step in yet. And then, over time the waves just carried me out. And before I knew it, without knowing how I got there, I gently drifted into a place where I was surrounded by such powerful waves of love, I would never ever ever be able to get out, even if I wanted to.

Once we give God our heart, He takes it and makes it His own. He will not let you down. Choose to believe He loves you, and soon you will be swept away in such deep and enveloping seas of love that it will drown out all of the negative thoughts Satan could ever plant in your mind. And despite anything that has happened or will happen to you, you will know that God loves you. Jealously. Passionately. The kind of love that dies for you….


  1. This is so true!! I love the imagery. You've captured my life here. I think that makes us sisters :)

  2. Stepping in that great big ocean can be daunting. Super encouragement to take it one step at a time... sweet thought that it's for us and God gives us time. Love it!

  3. "I often wish there was some way to just impute into someone’s brain the love that God has for them." - Yes! I think this often, and often for myself. :) Love the word picture of the ocean.

  4. This is something that I've thought about a few times. I know it in my head, but I don't think my emotions/heart/spirit are aligned. If that makes any sense... :)Erin

  5. Choosing to believe . . .I like that. I like the reminder that it is a process. Thanks, Stephanie, for visiting my blog.