Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Danger Danger…Caution…Slippery Slope Ahead!

This blog home is one of the greatest gifts God has ever given me. It is one of the few things I have in my life which allows me the complete and total freedom to express what is on my heart. I feel like I can write here, untempered and raw.

But…I would be full of poo if I said I don’t feel the pressure sometimes. The pressure to write a “good” post. The pressure to “hear” from God. And what if I hear nothing on link up day…do I write anyways just to write…or do I wait and listen and take a pass on linking up for the day?

I am not certain what to call the season I feel God tugging me into. But…I DO NOT feel as if I need to step away from blogging for a while…but I do feel that I need to take an honest look at how it is affecting my relationship with Him.

Get ready for gut-wrenching honesty…okay…here goes…I feel as if my bible reading time now is less spent on knowing Him and more spent on finding insight for my next post…I feel as if my prayer times are spent less praying for my family and more spent on desperate listening for the prompting for the next thing I will write.

Don’t get me wrong…I know that I need to seek Him in my writing. But that isn’t all I need to do. I need to tend to my relationship. I need to spend time just sitting and looking at the stars and laying in His arms. I need to “date” Him again…because it’s gotten to be more of a “what can you give me today God” kind of relationship, than a “what can I do to serve you today God” kind of relationship.

Yes, listen to the father when He corrects you…Proverbs 4:1…I stand corrected.


  1. amen sista! you express the danger so well...in it with you, fighting for the good and refining through the amazing gift of blogging...hugs:-)

  2. I really understand what you are saying here but I hope that you don't think that by writing this blog you are not serving. You have given insight to so many of us and help us to become better knowledgable of our love to and from God, more understanding of our need for him and what he has done for us in our lives, and personally I do not only look deeper into God's word but rejoice in it as well. You are one of a handful of blogs that has helped me and I hope you do not discount this as not being a service to God because I rejoice in what I read and learn. There is a season and a time for everything and maybe your season is on the verge of turning right now but I am so thankful that you are a part of the season I need to go through. You have definitely served God from my point of view and I am forever thankful for it.

  3. Yes, I get this too! I often have to draw myself back to just "me and Jesus" time while in prayer. It's so easy to be overtaken by thoughts of what to write next, how to minister next, etc.

    I'm excited for you that you heard His still voice whisper this correction and that you heard adn listened!! Yippie!!