Monday, March 28, 2011

words with a price tag...

Words come with a price tag, don’t they? The very things that we write about, the things that move others to the point of tears at times, they come with a price tag.

Had it not been for our own bout of suffering with a situation, we would have no way of knowing what we know-what God has taught us-the ways God uses us to help others.

Our words have been bought, they came at a price.

The price was the death of the Son, Jesus. Because without his death, our own suffering would still stand to be meaningless.

Without the message of the cross, the hope to which we profess would be non existent. The power of the cross-that is why we do what we do.

Our words were bought at a price, and while we may have suffered for a season, we can rest assured that our joy comes in the morning. Why? Because He already bought our words with a price.

We may angst for a publisher to call us, or long for someone to send us on our way to the conference which we think will change our lives, but what we often forget is that the most awesome publisher that ever existed has already bought our story and marked it a bestseller.

He sings our praises even when we are drowning in our own pit of sorrows. He sings us songs of peace when we think we can’t take it another moment. He believes in us even when we want to give up on the dream He has placed in our hearts. He has bought our book. He has bought our words. He has bought our lives. The greatest life story that we could ever tell has already been written and published - it is the story of His healing. The story of His healing in your life.

He has bought your words. And He paid the highest price fore them, He paid his life. Now that is worth some rejoicing. Can I get an AMEN SISTAS!!!


  1. "The most awesome publisher that ever existed has already bought our story and marked it a bestseller."

    I love, love this line. My life story is a bestseller. . .to Him.

  2. agree with Amy...and from that point on just such a beautiful know, it really is all for Him and He can take what He gives us to profoundly guide the lives of a few, tens, hundreds, thousands...and He loves us enough to let it be at the place that will keep our hearts His...this I hear here and cheer for you sista!!!!!!

  3. I second that A - I am singing and singing and dancing around...Amen...clapping and no Steph...I am not! beautifully inspiring words for my heart..I LOVE and NEED to be reminded of this. thank you sweet sweet friend! love you so much!