Monday, February 28, 2011

Sheaves of Blessing

So…in a month or so…I will be moving my blog. I just think it’s time for a new beginning.

The URL I am hoping for is

Seeds and sheaves you may ask? Why that?

“Those who go out weeping , carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them.” Psalms 126:6

And just what is a sheaf, or sheaves, anyways? They are gathered bundles of reaped, but unthreshed, wheat.

Okay, now I am not a farmer, nor do I pretend to be. I have never “threshed wheat”, but I did Google it. You would “thresh” and “winnow” wheat to separate the wheat kernel from the stalk and the chaff.

It is not written that you go out with seeds, and return with a box of cheerios, or a donut, or a cupcake, boxes of goldfish, or a bran muffin. No…you go out weeping with your seed, and you come back with some raw unprocessed wheat.

Oftentimes I go out with my seed, weeping, and the promise of a harvest in my back pocket. Then when the harvest doesn’t come in the form I want it to, say a nice perfectly formed loaf of bread, I get upset.

God didn’t say we would come back singing songs of joy because we have our vision of perfection placed in our hands. No…we come back singing songs of joy because we have more than what we left with.

We have more than seeds. We have more than sorrows. We have more than weeping. We have a gift. It still may need to be worked, and threshed, and winnowed, and processed, and baked, but it is a gift. Let us be thankful for our bundles of sheaves. They may be raw, and they may need refining, but they are our sheaves. Our sheaves of blessings.


  1. I love this. I love the image of our gifts being raw and needing refining, but still a gifts.

  2. what a lovely name for your blog. And I too love that picture of the imperfect gifts--but gifts nonetheless.

    Glad to find you at Jen's site!

  3. The imagery you have given of the sheaves and the blessing and the needing and the spoke to my heart today.

    Beautiful thoughts and beautiful name for your new journey (I think that is what blogging is...a lovely journey)

  4. You are probably too young to know this song. . . but we used to sing a hymn that was written from this thought. It was called "Bringing in the Sheaves." It will be delightfully stuck in my head today . . . "We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves."


    ps. thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. Glenda..I know that song:) I am so excited girl! Can't wait to see the new do! I too - love the name and the verse.
    Sounds like He maybe helping you narrow down your niche? new name..more focused direction maybe?:)
    how is the job searching? praying He Himself will grant you peace in every circumstance friend;)

  6. This gives me a lot to think about as I "go out." And as I journey back. Thank you for digging into the Word and sharing these kernels of truth!

  7. Wow -- what vision. I am so touched by the thoughtfulness of what God has given you. It seems so full and ripe. I can't wait to see what this new journey brings.

  8. Thanks for your inspiration, come see the blog award you won on my blog

  9. Such a beautiful post. I love the word pictures your writing produces. I've never thought of that Scripture in this way and am blessed by it.

  10. I like it! Your post and new blog site name!

  11. love this "God didn’t say we would come back singing songs of joy because we have our vision of perfection placed in our hands. No…we come back singing songs of joy because we have more than what we left with." We so often forget that His timing and His answers are not always what we expect. Great post.

  12. Ohhh, excited about the new name and the new blog. Any reason for a new blog or just a change?

  13. Oh how I pray He takes my raw returns and turns them into blessings and gifts for others. To His glory.

    Can't wait to visit the new place!!!

  14. love it! and i think you posted on this before? seeds and sheaves? I think of the hymn Pamela quoted always sung at the beginning (and end?) of Little House on the Prairie...

    but, love how you describe it...i guess you will lose 'the best is yet to be' header? but i know you would carry it in your heart:)

  15. Thank you all so much for all the sweet comments. They all mean so much to me. And I really needed some affirmation on the name choice, so thank you!!!

    Amy- I just wanted to change over to wordpress, and figured while I was at it, it was a good opportunity to make some changes. I felt God really leading me towards this verse and name, so figured it was time to go for it!