Monday, March 14, 2011


Up way too late, LOL! We are going out of town tomorrow for some much needed R&R, but I just couldn’t leave without leaving a quick note for my sisters!

I just want each of you to know how much you bless my life. What a blessing it is to have such a beautiful group of women to share with. To know that I can pour out my heart at any time, about anything, and know that I am not alone. So…just a praying a prayer for all of us this week.

Dear Lord,
You know exactly where each and every one of us are. We are all in different seasons, surrounded by different circumstances. But somehow you lead us all to the same spot on Tuesdays. Thank you for the rich blessing that this sisterhood is. Guide us this week. Hold us where we need to be held. Love us where we need to be loved. Forgive us where we need to be forgiven. And teach us where we need a good lesson. We love you Lord, thank you for being our Savior.
In Jesus Name,

Prayer is just on my heart this week. I feel like praying. So please, if you have a prayer request. Leave it in the comments, and rest assured knowing that you are being prayed for, by name, every day until next Tuesday.

Love you girlys! See you next week!!!


  1. lol..and I'm up way to early..since 3am! Steph -
    I pray this for you as you go for RR.
    I pray you KNOW you are loved by the Lord and live in safety beside Him and that He surrounds your continuously and preserves you from every harm. May your family be blessed by the Lord. I pray you know that He will ride across the heavens to help you across the skies in majestic splendor. That He is your eternal refuge and His everlasting arms are under you and He will drive out the enemy before you....
    love you have fun..

  2. Oh, Stephanie. This prayer just brings tears to my eyes. And the things that you have said about this sisterhood. It amazes me how much God is in this group. I mean, I really shouldn't be amazed because He is good like that, but, I am in awe of the people that He has called to this place to grow together. I am so thankful for you!

    If you would pray for me regarding a very difficult relationships. I am trying to let go of anger and I'm not sure the best way to go about reconciliation (if at all). Blessings!

  3. We are going out of town for spring break & I can't wait.

    Please pray for much-needed family time. Thanks so much for you commitment to PRAY.

    Love the music:) I am singing along as I type.

  4. Ummmm, hope it's okay I pop in over here even though I'm not linked up to the "sisterhood" :)

    I prayed your lovely prayer... thanks! Such sweet words!

    I'd love prayer for that nasty ol' fear that taps my shoulder with his craggy finger still at night. Thanks girl!

    How can I pray for you?

  5. Tiffini! Thank you for your prayers, we had a great time, although it was a very quick trip. Glad to be home again!

    Jen, I am praying for you girl, having some issues with that myself :)

    Susan, thanks for the comment about the music, one of my fav bloggy sisters at gave me the idea for the music! And will be praying for some family time!

    And dearest Sam, YES, I would cry if you didn't pop over! You are my sissy, link up or not!!! I will be praying that for you girl! For me, motivation to work out!

  6. Just a little late in the game for SDG Sisterhood ('s Friday...) but just popped over here and was so incredibly blessed by your prayer. Thank you, sweet Stephanie. Do you know that you have the gift of encouragement?

    I hope you are having some WONDERFUL R&R time!

    Natalie at Mommy on Fire