Monday, March 28, 2011

Listen and be corrected

Discipline. The word in and of itself just has a meaning of rejection for me, at least for the fleshy me. But, I know I know, God disciplines those He loves.

Tonight I was led to a verse for a "family memory verse" (got this wonderful idea from Samantha Reed by the way). So I prayed over my Bible that God would lead me to the right verse, and low and behold if I don't open to this "My children listen when your father corrects you." Proverbs 4:1. Perfect! My heart leaps! Finally a reason to MAKE my children listen! Ha!

And then God speaks to my heart, oh, this one is for you too my dear, rest assured, it is for you too.

So...short post this SDG link up day, because I'm listening. And probably soon to be corrected.


  1. I just read a similar verse in Deuteronomy yesterday. I love how you hear hear God -- it is very similar to how I hear Him, too.

  2. lol! you always make me laugh. The same thing happened to me last night. I picked up my daily bible to read a bit before bed and if it wasn't Duet. 9:1..about crossing the Jordan...This whole jordan thing God has brought before me in a myriad of ways over the last months! I told my daughter and she just laughed.
    Is He telling us something or what? OK...I'm listening...

  3. Girl, it's taking me a lifetime to learn to listen to correction and love it! When I think I'm right...
    Praying we are both quick to listen and obey :)

  4. Oh how I love that handwritten verse. There's such joy in a momma sharing the love of Scripture with her babies.

    I needed this, too!

  5. Jen...I still stand amazed that He cares to speak to us at all, huh? That's just plain awesome!

    Rachy - Me too!

    Tiffini what can we do if we can't laugh at our own weaknesses huh? :)

    Lisa-I will pray for both of us too!!! It's hard for us stubborn girlies!!!

    Pam - I was inspired to do this by Samantha Reed last night when she talked of how she knew scripture by memory at age 5...I want this powerful tool for my babies too!!!!

  6. Love this!! I'm reminded of the verse that He corrects those He loves.

    I'm excited to see how this verse is played out in your family. Such sweetness in store, I'm sure!!