Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Seedy Saturdays...a new series where we will water the truth seeds and starve the lie weeds!

Have you ever seen the “roll and grow”? It is that carpet looking thingy of seeds that you just roll out in your flower bed, water, wait, and shabam! – you have a beautiful floral garden growing right in your very own backyard!

I have never tried this product, but it sure sounds fantastic! The only thing that has kept me from trying it in the past is that you never know what you are going to get. I would much rather go to the garden store, pick out my plants, and know exactly what I am getting (can you say control freak!)

Have you ever thought of your thought life as a roll and grow? Abundant seeds lie in the carpet, yet which ones will grow? Some seeds have been there since childhood, some were watered, some were not. Some seeds are more recent additions, and again, some are watered and some are not.

There is an abundant carpet of blooming seeds growing in our brains. The good news is…we have a choice which seeds we want to water, and which ones we don’t!

Starting next week I am going to begin a series on cognitive distortions. What is a cognitive distortion you say? Simply things we tell ourselves that aren’t true. They sound rational to us, but only serve to continue our own negative thoughts – to water the weeds!

The first step we will look at will be identifying cognitive distortions. Then we will begin learning to refute them. And one of the best ways I have found to refute them is with scripture – the living breathing life-giving word of God. Before you know it, you will be using God’s word to water the lovely flowers, and those icky weeds will be dying of thirst!

I hope you will join me on this journey! I will be posting every Saturday! Seedy Saturdays! Where we will be watering the truth seeds, and starving the lie weeds!

Linking up with Tiffini for Word Women Wednesdays at the House of Belonging, and hope to see you Saturday for the first official installment of Seedy Saturdays!


  1. Our minds are thinking on some of the same thoughts this week aren't they!? Can't wait to see more of your thoughts on this- and the idea of cognitive distortions. Intriguing.

  2. well I for one can learn much from this. I love the roll and grow picture. I've always wondered about them.
    anyway - the whole believing truth and lie's has been around since the beginning and here we are...STILL dealing with it. Good subject Steph and one you will be very real with because you have walked/ and walking through it personally.