Sunday, March 20, 2011

The aftermath

I love the warmth of the sun of my face.

I wish I could sit here forever, praise music in my ears.

I feel so close to you (to Him).

Basking in the light, I love it.

Reminded that you are the light.

How awesome it feels to sit in the light, the Son. To bask in Your presence.

To let ever part of me be covered by your light, your warmth.

“You are with me. Your love will light the way. I am found in the light of the aftermath.” Hillsong United, Aftermath


  1. Well, I'm just lovin' this! Hard and wonderful to think we'll be basking for eternity in His presence. Gonna listen to this song {a lot!!}

  2. Stephanie, this is lovely. Sun on our face...after long winters...spring warmth does the worship music too

  3. I'm loving your new blog format and all the changes!

  4. Beautiful, Stephanie -- thanks for linking up at Graceful this week!