Wednesday, March 30, 2011

random ramblings of a Jesus girl...

It’s gonna be a spirit filled day! I am just telling you, I can feel it. There are those days where I feel like God lives on some distant planet peeking his head down every now and then, and then there are those days where I know that is not the truth. I can feel His spirit like a thick blanket resting over every fiber of my soul. A spirit filled kind of day.

And no, I don’t have any fancy displays for you, there is not some cloud of spiritedness that follows me around like a cosmic glow – although that might be cool. But what I do have is my heart. It is open and ready and willing. Made soft by God, because at times it has been very hard. But God has made it smushy again. I love having a smushy heart. I think I should pray for it more often.

Anyways…and I wanted to let all of you know that I love you dearly. There have been times over the past couple of days where I have felt weighted by my own sin. Where I have felt like I am only serving myself – but I know that is not true. True – I did have some unconfessed sins that needed to be confessed. Mainly – that I had let my blackberry become my morning companion rather than my bible. It was on its way to becoming my best friend, but no, no more.

So maybe that’s why a feel all aglow with the spirit, because I decided that He was more important that a piece of technology that traveled over from China. And although my blackberry goes pretty much everywhere with me, it doesn’t go into my heart. And He does. So…I think my conclusion is that Jesus is way more lovely than a blackberry, or even an I-phone.


  1. lamenting the cares called technology. While it is good it is also a snare....I struggle same as you steph. You are not alone in this but I am so jumping up and down that He spoke to you and I am anticipating with more time you will have all kinds of spirit filled words coming out all over the place yes? hugsxo

  2. Mmmm, there's nothing so sweet as spending time soaked in His Word and Presence! Tickled pink for your renewal!!