Thursday, March 24, 2011

The place between what we thought we could do...and what God can do

There is definitely a reason God places certain people in our lives. As I read Samantha’s post from Fields of God, which is absolutely astoundingly beautiful by the way (PLEASE go visit her today – you will be blessed), I was reminded. That I overthink sometimes. That I sit here and try to think of the “right” things to say on my blog, and in doing so, I completely cut out the power of the spirit and raise simply the power of the “Stephanie”, which is pretty much powerless. So, today, inspired by Samantha and the way she just lets the Spirit of the Lord flow through her, I want to do the same.

Self doubt. It is one of those things that walks along the gap between what we thought we could do and what we actually do. It seems as if it completely sucks our lives void of doing anything worthwhile. And while self doubt can be something that completely destroys us, it can also be something that God uses to completely heal us. Self-doubt can be one of those tools He uses to let us know that we must be completely dependent on Him. To know that nothing we do apart from Him will even begin to be worthwhile in the Kingdom of Heaven. In order for our lives to exude a pleasing aroma of love, we must extrude all of the hate, and guilt, and fear, and doubt – and be completely dependent on Him. And mind you, this is not easy to do by any means. Pride gets in the way. My own need to achieve gets in the way. My own fears get in the way. But God says NO, STOP IT!

Bring it to me and lay it at the foot of the cross. Bring it hear and lay it down. For this was never your burden to bear, or your life to hold. Your life has always been in my hands, and I will lead you, if you will follow. Follow me to places your heart longs to go, but never even knew existed. Follow me and I will lead you beside the still waters and the calmed seas. Follow me and you will find everything your heart has been looking for. For in the darkness, Satan longs to steal – kill - and destroy, but I bring life – and I bring it abundantly. I bring heaven, where your Sprit one day will swirl with disbelief that such a place could even exist. I bring you everything you always wanted, but never knew you could have. That’s what I offer. Come and follow me and your heart will find peace. I love you. No one else can love you like I love you. My love is perfect. My love does not doubt. My love does not fear the places in your heart that you have tenderly set boundaries around. No, I will run right into them and heal them. Let me be your everything. Let me place that self-doubt where it belongs, placed tenderly in my hands so that I can use you to further my Kingdom. Because you love me. And because I am crazy about you.


  1. the spirit moves beautifully through you.

  2. yes and amen...just more of Him filling these places before moving on...

  3. Thank you so much sweet friend! I am humbled and honored that the Lord would use my words as a display of His glory. I so long to be a vessel... a honey pot... of His sweet goodness and faithfulness.

    Your words are lovely and truth filled. "And while self doubt can be something that completely destroys us, it can also be something that God uses to completely heal us." Amen and amen! Thank you for teaching us this and showing us how to lean into Him to be free.

    Love your writing! Love you!!

  4. I love this post. It is so spot on!

  5. These are so clearly words from heaven. You've given so much life to them. Thank you. I can hear his sweet voice, "Stop it", speaking right to me. Smiling, and a bit more free at this moment!

  6. Erin, Thank you, if anything I hope to be a willing one who He can speak through, less of me and more of Him! is my prayer.

    Tiffini - That is so true, there are so many places He needs to fill before I am "ready" for the next step - just glad He keeps on shaping me - because I am one big messy lump of clay without Him!

    Trez - Thank you! I am glad God spoke to you though this.

    Robyn - There is NO greater compliment I could ever recieve that "these are so clearly words from heaven". I often get sidetracked in my writing trying to use my own self to write my posts, when really I just need to quiet myself and listen to God. Amen for FREEDOM!!!!

  7. Amen! Thank for sharing you're beautiful words with us. I've been trying to walk on my own lately and not just resting in His arms and trusting Him to "lead me to still waters." I've been riding my own wave and am now going to get off.

  8. I'm just letting your words wash over me as I am in a place where I feel like doubt is either on my mind or just a few feet away, ready to pounce.