Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Who is this they call I AM...

I AM. The most powerful two words ever spoken in history. The very name of God. Spoken out of the burning bush to Moses, and then later spoken again by Jesus immediately before his arrest. I AM.

He is HaShem. The name.

What do the words “I AM” mean to you? Is it merely an expression used to describe a condition? I am sick. Or I am tired. Or I am happy. Or I am worthy. We throw around “I am” so flippantly that it begins to lose its poignancy. Oftentimes we don’t even recognize its definitive factors that speak to define the very essence of what a person is, has been, or will become. It is a passing phrase, as is much in modern day society.

The things we describe ourselves as using “I am”, are often not really “who” we are. If we were to use I am in its most basic definition, the only thing that we could call ourselves as Christians are the sons and daughters of the Most High God.
One of the simplest things that we could call ourselves, yet one of the most complicated mysteries that could ever occur on the face of the earth. That through the Son of God’s death on a cross, we could be called sons and daughters of God. So underserving, so unworthy, and yet we are heirs.

How does that happen? Does it even make sense?

Of course it doesn’t, it makes absolutely no sense at all. And what if it did? What if God did set out some criteria that made sense to us as humans? That a certain amount of good works would do it. Would we like that better? Certainly it would be a lot easier to wrap our heads around, but we would cry out as children do that “this is unfair”. We would wonder who gets to decide what a “good work” is and what it is not. We would argue, and call God harsh for His forceful and decisive hand.

No…instead he made it a mystery. Something that makes absolutely no sense. Crazy love. Love that surpasses all understanding. And I rather enjoy it that way.

My fellow daughter, what is it that keeps you from embracing the fullness of the” I AM”? What keeps you from embracing the fullness that you are His daughter?

That you captivate him.

That he is enamored with you.

What keeps you from taking in the full harvest of His love? Is it something that someone said to you, or something that they did to you?

So easily accepted are the lies, because to our human minds they make sense to us, no matter how twisted or jaded they are. How much more difficult it is to accept the divine truth that you are dearly loved no matter what? That there is not a shred of anything that could keep you from the love of Christ.

Now that is just crazy. Senseless. Unbelievable…almost.


His love is one of the most simplistic yet complicated things on this earth, a crazy juxtaposition of faith meets fantasy in a land of truth. And for one time in your life, what seems too good to be true…IS.


  1. Oh Steph - what words and I have all kind of thoughts running around in my head after reading this. To good to be true..and it IS true! If there is one thing I know is true today and it is that He lives and loves. That is enough for me right now.
    How are ya?

  2. Thank you so much for this post. It was a reminder of how much Jesus loves me. I love it when you say that we captivate him. I love knowing that he loves me unconditionally and that he is moved by me and when I hurt he hurts. I have been feeling his love surrounding me since I started the bible study. I have adopted your scripture from your blog as my scripture that I will stand on through out this bible study (Psalms 126:6). Stehphanie, I know that I have gone forth many times in tears or weeping carryin such precious seed with me but this one thing that I know is that Im getting ready to come again REJOICING bringing sheaves with me. Their is a scripture that I pray you will take some time to read. It is a bible story. It is the story about the five loaves and 2 fish. In John 6:12 it says, " So when they were filled, He said, "Gather up the fragments that remain, so that nothing is lost". God showed me this several months ago and Stehphanie, I did not understand why at first that scriptures screamed out of God's word at me but now I do. A lot of us a women because of the trauma that we have endured have been broken and it feels like only fragments remain but I believe that through this bible study The God of our salvation is gathering up the fragments that remain so that nothing is LOST. May God bless you my sister and Im praying for my new sisters in Christ and for you.

  3. Christ1,

    Thank you for sharing your revelation from John about how God uses even our broken pieces (Romans 8:28 comes to mind here, too) so that nothing is lost. This really speaks to me during a very difficult time right now.


  4. Thank God Jen that this spoke to you. I believe God that he is given us back everything that the enemy stole from us or took from us. Trust me at the end of this journey, we will embrace our wholeness.