Thursday, May 12, 2011

courage to heal...

There is a courage component involved in healing. Lately, I have been studying Moses. If God helped him to lead the Israelites to freedom, surely reading about him can help me on my road to freedom, right?

I’m only through the first few chapters, but I wanted to share something that is burning in my heart about to burst through my chest!

If you ever read Exodus, you will notice that the Lord hardens Pharaoh’s heart, repeatedly, so that he would continue to resist freeing the Israelites.
I have sat here wondering why the Lord would do this. Why wouldn’t He just soften Pharaoh’s heart and let the people go!!!

I am no biblical scholar, that is FOR SURE, but I have a few ideas. I will share one.
If Pharaoh would have immediately released the captives the moment Moses threw down his staff and it turned into a snake, what would have happened?

Well, for one thing, Moses would not have learned to trust God like he did. Moses was forced to trust God over and over again, for bigger and bigger things, as Pharaoh continued to resist. God proved himself faithful to Moses over and over again, because He knew what was coming. He knew that soon, Moses would have to have faith to part the red sea…

Sometimes healing feels like this doesn’t it, like an impossible task, nothing short of parting the red sea…a miracle. Often we want God to part the sea immediately so that we can go dashing through to the other side. But…if He did, could it be possible that He would be cutting us tremendously short?

Learning to trust God is no small task, He knows this, so He allows baby steps, not because He needs them, but because we need them.

Are you willing to take the first step towards healing in your life? If so, you might consider, prayerfully, signing up for Melissa Taylor’s online bible study on Wendy Blight’s book “Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner”. You can read and find out more at

I promise you, He will not let you down dear sister. It takes time, yes, but He will not let you down.


  1. ok...I clicked over and signed up. We'll see:) Exodus is ONE of my favorite books. One I always love to read. I see lots of myself in Moses...who is going with me...that kinda stuff;) hope your having a great start to your weekend...xo

  2. Whahooooooo! So glad you signed up!!!! It's birthday weekend for my kiddos! So we will be partying it up!!! Hope you have an awesome weekend too!

  3. bible scholar or not, sounds like your spirit is helping you to scour the scriptures for truths! v. good perspective on trials. there are so many new testament verses about refinement and gaining patience through trials, etc, but i never connected those lessons with the experience of moses--sheds a new light on the lesson in trials. thank you for sharing:)

  4. YES!! Definitely takes courage! Thanks for this great encouragement. I hope a lot of women find freedom!