Sunday, May 29, 2011

Let down your nets...

As I was perusing Lisa Harper’s book, “Untamed”, I came across her discussion of an old familiar story. It is from the book of Luke, Chapter 5.

Jesus is preaching on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, actually preaching from a boat that Peter was sitting in. Jesus taught, and when He was finished, He asked Peter to let down his net to catch some fish.

Peter, who had been working hard all night and the day before to catch fish, I am sure wanted to smack Jesus. I would totally want to say “dude, I know you are the Messiah and all, but I am a fisherman, and I tell you, that the fish just aren’t for catching today.

But reluctantly Peter says, “But if you say so, I’ll let the nets down again”.
I wonder how many of us feel like Peter right now. Lord, I am the one who is in the midst of this trauma. I am the one who survived the abuse. I am the one having to make it work on one income. I am the one who has to console my children after their father died, and the one who cries silently alone after they go to sleep. I am the expert on my pain. Who are you Jesus to know how to heal it? You have no idea.

Could it be possible that Jesus is speaking to you, “Now go out where it is deeper, and let down your nets…” Luke 5:4

Will we be obedient and trusting enough to let them down, one more time. Even though we have been fishing for answers for years, trying to heal for years, hurting, hemorrhaging, and bleeding for years…fishing for decades having caught nothing…will we let them down? One last time will you go deeper still, and let the nets down?

“And this time their nets were so full of fish they began to tear! A shout for help brought their partners in the other boat, and soon both boats were filled with fish and on the verge of sinking. When Simon Peter realized what had happened, he fell to his knees before Jesus and said, Oh Lord, please leave me-I’m too much of a sinner to be around you. For he was awestruck by the number of fish they had caught, as were the others with him….Jesus replied to Simon, don’t be afraid! From now on you’ll be fishing for people! And as soon as they landed, they left everything and followed Jesus.” Luke 5:8-11

So once again, He asks you, are you willing to let down your nets?


  1. And it all comes down to that trust in him, doesn't it?

    Thank you, Stephanie!

  2. This made me a little teary. Peter is my favorite character in the Bible (besides Jesus, of course). I love how messed up he is and how Jesus just really makes him into someone great. Excellent challege, here; thanks.

  3. It is so hard to trust when we are the expert in our own life! We have to make Him Lord and Master even when we don't always get it.

  4. Awesome!

    As we get closer to God, we learn about His essence: faithfulness, holiness, powerfulness... so it get's very easy to trust Him 100%.

    Thank you Steph for this post.

    God bless you!

    Michele Caséca

  5. I love this post!!! Keep at it, girl! When we're obedient and let our nets down, God is faithful to provide in every sense of the word! As you continue to be right where Christ wants you to be, Stephanie, you will see the transforming miracles that God will do in and around you. It's an adventure to walk with Him! Thank you for being willing to move forward with what He has called you to do. In those times when you want to give up, don't! There is a purpose for each and every thing that has happened in your life. Thanks for sharing your words with all of us!

  6. Love this :) I just taught a bible study on this passage and came up with all the same thoughts...kindred minds! It is amazing how God works in and through us if we will only obey.

  7. Okay, I really, really love this edification! I gotta admit, there are areas of my life where I've dropped my nets to the bottom of the boat, and I'm rowing summ'n fierce right back to the shore. Thank you for such awesome encouragement!!


  8. "One last time will you go deeper still, and let the nets down?" trust and go deeper, just because He bids it, and He is our LORD...beautiful truth to ponder, Stephanie.

  9. I love how you bring the biblical truth home with applicable situations. So true. So good!

  10. Think of all the times we have let our nets down and been so blessed . . . and the times I am too afraid to let it down again. This is a great reminder . . . don't forget . . . let down your net AGAIN.

    Your words are sweet.


  11. It is in the moments that I most want to self-protect, that Jesus whispers me to go "deeper still," to engage in a faith, to continue to love, to let the walls down.

    This, dear one, is fabulous.

  12. Such a good reminder for me today. It's when I let down those nets, and step out in faith that God surprises me! Oh, to live that life of faith always!

    Beautiful reminder. :)

  13. I love how you use scripture to breathe life into the pain I have, and am working to get rid of and heal from.Its awesome the way you can relate to me.