Saturday, May 28, 2011

More replies!!! :)

Fiona Carney…Oh girl…I have spent some time in fear as well…it rears its ugly head up every now and then for all of us I think! But you are right, God can drive those little foxes right away! He is very good! Thank you dear sister! I look forward to getting to know you better.

Merrie! Amen. If it is anything I want all of us girls to be cities on a hill, proclaiming God’s freedom to anyone who may still be held captive around us!
Anonymous, I am so excited, giddy pretty much, too!

Joyce Chika, Praying too! And I am sooooo excited! Praying that you see your “burning bush” (what God is calling you to) and that you are fearless and relentless in your pursuit of His will!

Carrie! Yay for blessings! And yay for all 2500, okay well now 2700 of us!!!
Tammy Frost, so looking forward to doing this study with you sister!

PINKSSSS!!!!!! I am so excited that you are signed up too!!!! We must do coffee…and SOON!

Jodi Escapule, I just want to say thank you for being so gut wrenchingly honest here. I can tell you that my journal as I was going through the healing process was full of hateful words toward myself…cuss words, and I don’t even cuss. Praying that through this study you are able to replace that junk with truth!!!!!! That God loves you, created you fearfully, and wonderfully, and that is NOTHING to HATE!

Marisha, I so hear you girl! There are often times when I have wanted to do a study, but God said not right now, and then times when I didn’t want to do a study, and God said RIGHT NOW! LOL! Praying for God’s guidance as you make your decision.

Tina, so excited too!!! Yes all Glory to Him because we are mere dust without Him!

LNT, please private message me at or on my facebook page, it’s under Stephanie Clayton. I have some news you don’t want to miss out on!

Anonymous, deeper still, may that be the cry of all of our hearts!

Phyliss, I wanted to cry at the first of your post, and then jump up in praise at the end! A walking miracle!!!! God is SOOOOO awesome!!!

Amanda, thank you for sharing this wonderful prayer…beautiful…

Elise, so excited too!!! And yes, I am believing God is going to do an amazing work beyond our wildest expectations, not just for her, or for her, or for her, or for her, BUT FOR ALL OF US! AMEN!

Anonymous! Me too! Running from the dark to the light!!!

Janice, so glad you are going to be a part of this study!

Tiffany, finding freedom from our past is not an easy journey, but SOOOOO worth it! Hang on for a wild but wildly awesome ride girl!

Cathy, thank you!!! Your comment brought tears to my eyes! I know the internet can be an awful place, but it is what we make it right! So glad it can be used for God’s glory!!!

Cindy, me too!

Kim, I am so sorry to hear about your father. I don’t know if you have perused Melissa Taylor’s blog much, but she recently lost her mother and has written several moving posts about this. I am praying for God’s guidance for you dearest sister, and that you will find comfort and peace. Grieving takes time, is a process, and no one persons journey is like anothers. Most importantly, please don’t impose a timeline on yourself, there is no such thing as an appropriate time period. When the time is right, you will come to peace, but rest assured you are in God’s hands, and He will never let you go dearest sister.

Maryann, so glad God led you too this study! Look forward to getting to know you more!

6 Happy Hearts, a funk, oh girl, I have spent many a time there! Praying the funk passes quickly and that this bible study leads you closer and closer to the Father!

Anonymous, I am so sorry dearest sister, but please know you did not fall to Satan’s lies that you should blame yourself. It is not yours or your daughters fault. Please private message me at I would like to help you get signed up for the conference calls, as there will be a mother and daughter on the call with a similar situation.

Angie!!!! I am so pumped up! Here we go!!! Freedom here we come!!!


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