Monday, May 30, 2011

And the winner is...

Last night I was snoozing lazily to dreamland when I awoke to a knocking sound. Literally, it sounded like someone was knocking on the door. Then as clear as day, I felt the Lord move in my spirit that it was Him who had awakened me and that I needed to pray.

Oh Lord, I am so tired I thought, I complained, I whined. And then, with reluctant obedience, I got down and prayed.

The moment my knees hit the floor, the tears started flowing. I am a bit shamed to admit that I had to quickly scroll through Facbook on my phone before I started praying. I saw the post by Melissa Taylor that we are getting close to 3000 signed up. She posed the question, could it be that 3000 will be set free? Could it be, not 2500, but 3000! Immediately, I knew why I was awake.

3000 Lord Jesus. Give me a heart for these 3000 women. Give me the words that they need to hear. Give Melissa the wisdom and guidance as a leader on this mass Exodus from bondage. Give dear Wendy sheer and delightful joy that not in spite of, but because of one of her most difficult moments in life, God will set the captives free. 3000 Lord Jesus. Could it be?

I have a book by Sheila Walsh that is titled "amazing things happen when a woman trusts God". What a loveley title to a book, yes? But that phrase is so much more than beautiful is truth.

Tonight I used a random number selector and selected 5 winners. They are KJ, Hilda Quintanilla, Tava, MarryAnn, and peggyanncposs. Congratulations girls! If you will pleae message me your mailing address at, Proverbs 31 will get these mailed out ASAP!

But...I also couldn't help but select 5 more...God pulled me a bit further to the number 10. So the other five winners are...LNT, Shirley Ann, Christ1, prteyes, and the Anonymous who spoke about her 14 year old daughter being victimized by a 32 year old (anonymous, I would also like to pay for you to have conference calls if you are able to participate). Please message me your mailing address at!

Congratulations to all 10 of who will be recieving a book, but even more so, congratulations to the 85 of you who left comments. Comments that tore and ripped at my heart strings, or made me LOL, had me crying, or smiling ear to ear! I want you to know that I have written every single name down, even the anonymous ones, and am praying for you.

God has seen every tear you have shed, and the bible tells us that He collects them in a jar. He has not forgotten your tears, and he asks you one more time, will you let down your nets?

I love you all dearly! Thank you for the opportunity to listen to your stories! I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you more! I hope you will be on the conference calls. I will be a guest on the first and second call, so excited!!! Blessings and Love! Stephanie


  1. Stephanie,
    You know what inspires me? Your passion for your cause. You've got it. Your heart jumps from your posts.

  2. Thank you Amy, I am just so grateful that God has lit a fire under my hiney for this cause! I am blessed by those around me way more than I could ever bless them, including you dearest Amy. You be at she speaks?

  3. You woke up because God woke you up to pray.!!! That is exciting. And I pray you stick also with your resolution to give him time first. Thank you for visitng my blog. I love my blogging friends but have to make sure Jesus comes first in the morning.
    Have to admit I am curious as to what the 3000 lady thing is so I have to look down through your past posts now :)

  4. Congrats to all of the winners.

  5. Congratulations to all the winners! I'm so blessed to know that through God's eyes, we are ALL WINNERS!! Praise God!

  6. Congrats to everyone!! Still so excited about this study. I'm ordering my copy (finally) today!

  7. "God has seen every tear you have shed, and the bible tells us that He collects them in a jar. He has not forgotten your tears, and he asks you one more time, will you let down your nets?"

    Thank you answer is yes. Finally. Yes. I will DECIDE every morning to not let fear rule my life anymore and to do it. To let God have the control