Monday, May 16, 2011

I seem to have misplaced my princess dress....

God…where is my princess dress? I seem to have misplaced it among the baggage I have been carrying. I just cannot find it. And what about my tiara, it fell down, and I stepped on it. Now, it’s all crooked, and when I place it on my head it just falls off. Didn’t you call me a daughter of the most high King? God I don’t understand? If I am a princess, why am I having to deal with all this?

I should have royal servents to carry my baggage, and a personal organizer to keep everything in its place. If my crown gets broken, you should give me a new one.

Where are you Jesus? What have you done with my princess dress. Give it back God! I want it now. You promised me that you loved me! Give me back my princess dress now God! I need it now!

Do you see this God? Do you see the clothes I have on? All my messiness is out in front of the world to see God. I can’t stand it if they see me in this. I don’t want them to know who I really am. I am so messed up God. I am ugly. I am dirty. I am stained. Give me back the princess dress God, it is the only thing that makes me feel worthwhile. Where have you hidden it? Why have you taken it from me? I don’t understand.

How many times have you felt this way?

So ugly, so stained, so broken and hurt that there is nothing about you that could possibly be appealing to anyone, much less to God.

Frantically we look for things to cover it all up, the perfect princess dress to hide all of our flaws. If Jesus died for our sins, we are washed in his blood and forgiven anyways right? So why should we not have a princess dress right now that shows the world how clean He has made us?

We cry out over and over, that it’s not fair. That if he really loved us he wouldn’t let us continue to get dirty, to experience pain, to fall flat on our faces in the mud, to wear the filthy rags of sin that tainted us before we gave our lives to him.

Why God? Why do you let me continue to suffer?

Tough questions aren’t they. But my dearest sister, there is a princess dress for you.

A perfect beautiful princess dress. I like to think mine is a size 2, my pre-baby size, and that when I get to heaven it will fit perfectly! HA!

What would happen if he gave it to you know?

Would you drag it through the mud of shame? Would you break the string of pearls in anger because your husband left you for another woman? Would you step on the skirt and rip off the lace as you became overconfident and ran a bit too fast. Would you sit on the floor in brokeness, crying because of pain that was unavoidable…mascara stains dripping all the way down to your beautiful neckline?

Your princess dress was not made for this world. Here and now, it would get torn to shreds. It is far too beautiful to even begin to grace the tumultuous battles of this world.

You have a princess dress, dear sister, but in the meantime...there is NOTHING TO KEEP YOU FROM HIM! Beauty from ashes girl! There is hope and healing for every broken place, hope where we learn to find that His promises are true, that all lovely you are to Him my darling...

Could it be that the brokenness of today, fashions and forms the very beauty of the dress that awaits?....

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  1. I can't wait to put on that princess dress one day. I'm learning a lot about the beauty of brokenness. About not being able to keep up the charade. About admitting my faults and then asking Jesus to make perfect my weakness.

  2. This post made me tear up. I can't pinpoint the most moving line either. I WOULD tear up my dress here, on purpose. I would rip it to shreds because I didn't get what I want.

    Such a beautiful metaphor. AND I hope my dress is my prebaby size too!! :)

  3. this reminds me of a Richard Foster quote I wrote in my journal the other day...We have real difficulty here because everyone thinks of changing the world, but where oh where are those who think of changing themselves? People may genuinely want to be good, but seldom are they prepared to do what it takes to produce the inward life of goodness that can form the soul. Personal formation into the likeness of Christ is arduous and lifelong...and I ask I?
    Loved your post today girl! really! many hugs

  4. I enjoy seeing transformation in my life and in those I love . . . one step closer to the tiara.


  5. Such picturesque writing to illustrate you point. A point I need to dwell on a bit.

    Waiting for my princess dress,

  6. Could it be that the brokenness of today, fashions and forms the very beauty of the dress that awaits?....

    I love this sentence and I believe it, I don't understand how it works, but I believe it.