Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weight of the cross....

As I sat outside this morning, the stillness of the air took me into His presence. Not a leaf was moving on the trees. Nothing. Just pure stillness.

And as I looked at the tree directly in front of me, still filled with beautiful spring blossoms, a thought. This is such a young tree. So small still. Such a thin and flexible trunk. Appearing to be so delicate, yet having withstood tumultuous winds.

What about the tree for Jesus? Where did it stand? Was it a tree Jesus had walked past before, knowing that it would be reduced to timber used to torture Him to his death? Did the tree have a story? Had it once been climbed by children, laughing and giggling? Had it been sat under for shade on a hot sweltering day? Did it whence when it was cut down, knowing the destiny it would soon meet?

God knows and plans the details. I wonder what He thought when this tree took seed in the ground. The tree that His son would suffer on and relieve all humankind of their plight.

Isn’t it strange, gives me chill bumps, that it all began on a tree. A tree in the Garden of Eden. The serpent slithers up to Eve, just one apple he whispers. God is holding something back from you. And she takes from the tree and eats.

That very instance, the seed germinates. I must send my Son. Stillness for years. As the tree grew. God knew the weight it would bear. The fibers spindling inside it would one day meet the blood of the Jesus. Would uphold Him as He drew His last breathe.

"My God my God why have you forsaken me", He cries out in the last moments. The tree stands still. He breathes His last. It is finished. The tree stands still, and nothing will ever be the same.


  1. Hi Stephanie,
    What a powerful post. It's interesting when you think of all that trees witness in their long lives and how many stories and events mention them.

    Thank you for taking time to visit my blog! I will be speaking during the writers critique group session at She Speaks and look forward to meeting you there. :)

  2. Touching and beautiful. God is doing a good work in you.

  3. I think that is one of the sweetest messages God has laid upon your heart, thank you precious one!

  4. Thank you Julie! I do hope to meet you at She Speaks!

    Jen, thank you. I know my SDG post is skimpy...but I just have to be obedient to the call of silence for now...thanks for hanging with me :)

    And mom, thank you :)

  5. Goodness. This is quite powerful.