Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mud Slingers and Light Bringers

Filtering. Or what I like to call the dirty mud effect. It is taking everthing and everyone in our lives and dragging them through our dirty mud puddle until they look dark and dingy.

For example, let's say my husband neglected to start the dishwasher (which he would NEVER do by the way, HA), instead of thanking him for doing the dishes, I jump all over him for not starting the cycle (which I would NEVER do, HA!).

Filtering through negativity just dirties up our lives. It makes us sad, and gripey, and naggy, and kind of like the putrid milk that has sat around in a cup to long, rather than a fresh glass of nourishment.

But...what if there was an alternative way to filter. What if we filtered everything and everyone through God's eyes and God's word? What if when we saw that person who hurt our feelings at the coffee shop, instead of turning to gossip about them, we took a moment to pray for God to allow us to see them through His eyes? How would it change us? How would it change our mood?

God's word says that the rightous are like the beauty of the dawn. At first, I declared to God, "Hey, I never said I was rightous". And He said, "I know, but I did, because you accepted my Son as your sSavior, so you are rightous, shine like the dawn."

It's kind of hard to shine like the dawn when your covered in mud, and slinging it at everthing around you as well. Let's stop being mud slingers and start being light bringers!!!!


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