Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sopping him up with fleshy bread...

Just thought I would share a bit of what I have been working on tonight in the book God has placed on my heart.

No title chapter outline yet...but I do know much of the 6 chapters I have drafted consist of breaking down the walls that would hinder a relationship with Christ that takes our breath away.

Everyone has a heavenly father that lavishes and pours out more love on us that we could ever sop up with our fleshy bread...walls need to fall...chains need to break so that we can take him in with every fiber of our soul...

So here is a bit from a chapter that I felt compelled to share...I love you girls...and please know that I will be back to blogging regularly soon...

I had this illusion that as long as I determined the course of my life I was in control. I could control my education, I could control my husband, I could control my children. And I felt dang good about it. But I could not control my God. I thought I could, but I could not.

He brought a complete physical, mental, and spiritual breakdown that knocked the living poo out of me and forced me into 2 years of counseling with a recovery that I thought would never happen. He knocked my pride to the floor so hard that it shattered into a million pieces so that I would not go running to pick it back up again.

I would like to say that my healing from this trauma was out of my own will to become a survivor and a thriver. But it was not. It was out of tough love from the Savior that knew I had to hit the ground so hard that I could not get up again without the power of His love.

That’s what it took for me. I wanted so bad to be in control. I needed it, I had to have it. And God knew he was not going to get it back from me without a fight. So He did what he had to do. He broke the walls. He broke the chains. And I thank him for it everyday.

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  1. Wow. This is exactly what happened to me four years ago. My recovery was about 11 months. No "real" reason for the breakdown. First and last i've ever had. Just His good timing and knowing that it was the only way to get me away from me long enough to really consider taking that next step into His design for my life.

    I LOVE that you are brave enough to write a book. It has been on my heart for years, and i'm terrified. I have put it in His hands and will move when He says move, but it's no less intimidating to me. :)

    Thank you for stopping by at abundant life. Your words are kind and uplifting. :)

    I have a black on white modern demask thing going on in tiny details around my house, so I really love your background here. :)
    In fact, I have a giveaway on one of my websites right now that will be ending at noon tomorrow with some demask lovelies you might like.
    You can find a Yes place in my profile if your interested in entering. I'd love to have you.

    I hope that your writing continues to be blessed and that you have a wonder-filled Easter weekend.

    Thanks again.
    In HIm,

  2. It's SO hard to give up control. Keep letting go and keep writing!

  3. how I thank Him that He broke the chains and the walls so we could meet..a little selfish yes?:) You have so much to offer others Steph. I am praying for you as you write. That He is showing you beautiful things. That you are filled with His words. Praying for a joy filled Easter for you and your family. I know you will be back...sides...I know where to find you;)