Monday, April 18, 2011


Silence. Praying about what to write about today...and I hear just this...silence.

So this is obedience. For this week I have nothing to offer you but more silence. And prayer.

Please hang with me as I struggle through this season of incomprehension and God's work in my writing, and know that I will be back soon. And please read the post below this one to see a bit of where my heart is fluttering about...but for now...obedience and silence.

All my love dearest siters...obedience seems to be the hardest lesson to learn.


  1. can i just tell you that I will sit with you in this silence? our world is one that silence is uncomfortable and uneasy, but I applaud you for resting in it. praying for clarity during this time...

  2. I struggle with silence in my life. I feel the need to fill it, every minute of it. With talking or thinking or doing. Good for you for being silent.

  3. Thank you know that song I have in my playlist...desert song...that is my heart right now.
    "This is my prayer in the desert...when all that is in me feels dry."

    but...i will sing praise...

  4. Silence is a gift. It is a blessing in its purest form.

    We are taught to fear silence...but this is wrong of us to do.

    Embrace this season. Allow Our Lord to guide your thoughts. Let Him take a hold of them and shape them for His glory!

    Mrs. M.

  5. I pray you find rest this wonderful Easter weekend as you are quiet.


  6. It's so beautiful how God meets with us in the silence. I'm praying this for you. Your obedience warms me.


  7. it is in the stillness that He speaks great and mighty things..praying for eyes to see and ears to hear and pen that writes...take all the time He gives you. don't move one inch until He says yes? we walk together..i breathe and live knowing this that I have all of you around me and I around you and Him around us all. and you are very welcome for the sign and I cherish always your words that lift up..always. much love your way and a big hug