Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jesus and me...battle buddies...on Seedy Saturday...

The power of the mind amazes me at times. How deep and far our insecurity roots can run.

I sat at a Sheila Walsh conference today, enthralled with the message. And yet I left feeling more attacked than I had in a very long time.

A few of the messages that have plagued my mind since I returned:

You are not good enough. You are not a good writer. If you were, they would come to you. You will never be like her. God has left you alone. You are still just an insecure little girl. Close your mouth and don’t talk, because you will only embarrass yourself.

Honestly…this list could probably go on for pages and pages.
Satan is attacking…but me and Jesus…we are not backing down.

Again…I am on my knees discovering that this is not an easy battle. That it requires a fight. That if I want to write, Satan is going to try to shut me up. That He is going to try to convince me to close my mouth and duct tape it shut with shame.
The power of the mind, my own mind, and it’s rampant running amazes me…but what amazes me far more is the power of Jesus. The moment I yell out STOP IN JESUS name, the seas calm. He is stronger still. His promises run deeper still.

Nope Satan…you don’t get to win this one…me and Jesus we are battle buddies till the end of this life, and then when I go home someday, the battle will be won, God wins – and we will spend eternity as his daughters and sons.


  1. Ah, glad you are recognizing the lies . . . praying with you dearest.


  2. Girl, I am right there with you.

  3. I second Glenda...just that we recognize the enemy and stop it there is steps. Last night in the Trail to Tree devotional...this so encouraged me I want to share it with you... She is talking about the passover before the Isrealites exodus out of Egypt.
    she reminds..Father, we paint ourselves red with Jesus blood so that satan cannot enter into this soul place to wrack ruin and death, but that You would come through the door of our hearts...that we would come through Jesus, the door, and into Your presence.
    I loved the picture that the destroyer passed over..couldn't get in because of the blood!
    You are safe dear sister..cont. to put on the armor and your sisters stand with you...xo

  4. Glenda - yes recogniizing is the first step to refuting!!!
    And Ms. Olsen, I am so glad I am not the only one!
    Tiffini - crying at a powerful visual...thank you!