Friday, April 8, 2011

Alabaster jars...

What would she have felt, as she approached your grace?

Knowing that she is sinful…knowing the judgement she would face from those surrounding you. What she must have felt. Gently stepping in, with her alabaster jar tied around her neck. Perhaps she meant it for You. Perhaps the passion came upon her suddenly as she was overwhelmed by your presence. What did she feel?
Gratitude? Tremendous gratitude. As tears of joys flushed down her face, she could not contain herself. She fell to your feet longing to somehow show you the love that you had shown her. Aching to receive every ounce of shame clenching forgiveness that dripped forth from your very presence.

What could she do but pour out everything she had. As she began weeping and sobbing harder and harder, the people around her just melted away. Suddenly, it was just you and her.

A woman and her Savior.

Nothing else mattered except the offering at your feet. Soaking with tears, she uses her hair to try and wipe some of the shame filled tears off of your feet.

Your sins are forgiven you tell her, go and be FREE. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You accept her beautiful offering of love, and free her from the bondage that has tied her.

Others look on thinking the scene is ridiculous. And it might be, Your love is kind of ridiculously crazy like that.

So what are we to do but pour out every part of our being in thanks for sweet atonement?

Thank you Jesus that you set the captives free. More of you and less of me.
I pour out my alabaster jar, jars and jars, I have. And yet none can touch the outpouring of one drop of your grace. Thank you precious dear Jesus for alabaster jars and for being a Savior that lets us bow at Your feet weeping, and messy, and loving us just the way we are.


  1. This post is absolutely beautiful. So thankful for grace.

  2. I've always found this account to be so beautiful. And have written about it before too. Her failures brought her to the feet of Christ where she wiped His feet with her tears. Whatever it takes, Lord, to get us to THAT point! Great post.