Saturday, April 23, 2011

Holy Saturday...

Jesus bled. His blood poured out at the cross and he breathed his last.




Jesus hears.

What happened?

Between the time that He was brutally crucified and the time that death was no more. Was there a battle in hell for the souls that would now be brought to redemption through an amazing God who cares enough about his people to send a Savior? Was there rejoicing in heaven because the dead were made dead no more? Did Jesus meet up with all the souls throughout the years who had suffered and let them know that it is now finished?

What happened?

Did he look at the dried up blood on his hands and smile because he knew that he had saved me?

What about Mary?

Did she lay in her bed wondering what had just happened. Did she weep for the Jesus she loved? Did her heart ache with countless replays of what she had seen the day before? Did she whence again and again as she thought of him taking her punishment? Did she even know the magnitude of what was just done? Did she know he was going to rise again? Or did her faith falter?

Did she feel abandoned?

Do you feel abandoned?

It is Saturday…the inbetween.

So much disillusionment.

The Christ that was the son of God just died. How could He die? How could a God-man die? Was this even real? No one would know until the next morning? And yet still there would be those who didn’t believe. Who don’t believe.

It’s Saturday. The day in between. The day in between the life we lived before we accepted Christ and the day in between when we will go home.

What will we do with Saturday?

Will he be our everything in the midst? Will his grace continue to amaze us? Will we fall on our knees and call Him father knowing and trusting that He is soon to bring us home?

Will we believe?

Jesus Jesus how I trust you…How I’ve proved Him o’er and o’er…Jesus Jesus precious Jesus…deliver me…


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