Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Under Tables

There we are at school registration - only a few kids around, the principal, some teachers, one of which was Mrs. Edwards, his teacher from last year, and some cafeteria tables. To me, I walked in and saw the people and the papers which needed to be filled out, and looked forward to visiting with the principal and Mrs. Edwards. Kevin I am sure thought about the same thing. And to Lauren, she was just excited about going to big kid school. But to Ryan, he made a b-line for the tables. He saw him some people and he saw him some tables, and tables seemed like the friendlier option, under the tables that is. And I did my usual mom routine, “Ryan, come out from under the table and say hi to Mrs. Edwards”. He just giggles under the table. As my face turns redder and redder and the thoughts of what the first day of school is going to be like with him under the tables are running through my head. And eventually we get everything done, and we leave and Ryan dashes out from under the table to the door, hoping not to have to talk to anyone. And I do the not so smart mom thing again, and ask the stupid question, “Ryan why were you hiding under the tables”. I really don’t know what I would expect him to say, but he just giggles.

But my sweet Ryan taught me something that day. Don’t ask why I run under the table!!! Wouldn’t you want to run under the table if you had a hard time reading at school, felt a bit awkward, and were a bit embarrassed over the way you act sometimes even though it’s super hard for you to control your actions? Wouldn’t you want to run under a table? The only difference is, when I would want to run under a table, Ryan actually does it! I am not sure who has the better deal hear, lol!

So my sweet sweet Ryan, one of my prayers for you as you begin the school year, and all the other little kiddos with Autism is this – that you will feel completely accepted and safe, that no one or no thing will make you feel like running under a table, and if they do, that Jesus will meet you under that table and dry the unseen hidden tears. I love you big man! I love that you love hiding under tables, and I love that you love how the garage opens and shuts, and that you can talk for hours on end about Star Wars. You are perfect just the way you are, and God has an amazing plan for your life. And next time you crawl under the table, I may just get under there with you and hang out for a while.


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