Monday, August 30, 2010

Just an ordinary day...turned extraordinary

It’s been an odd day. Just one of those days where the spirit sits upon me, and I can feel every ounce of the presence. I thank God for days like this. For days when He is so thickly spread upon my heart that I know there is not a chance in hell that Satan can steal this healing. Days like this, when at the end of the night my hands are shaking because I am so overwhelmed with the power of his presence. Days like this are the ones worth longing for, worth living for. Not because anything special happened, not because I gained an ounce of approval from anyone, but because for just a few moments I can feel the Spirit upon my soul and I get the tiniest glimpse into what heaven might feel like. And it’s awesome. To even have the slightest touch of His hand holding mine, it overwhelms my heart so much I can barely breathe. Its days like today when there is not a single shred of doubt in my mind that He is real. That He is the one real thing that I can always count on, that this is what love, pure love, must feel like. So thank you Lord for today, thank you that you can make a normal day into an extraordinary day, just by doing that thing you do in my heart. I love you.

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  1. Awesome experience! I know what you are talking about :)