Friday, May 28, 2010

Lessons from the dressing room while swimsuit shopping

Went swimsuit shopping today, which no matter how you look at it, always seems to be an enlightening experience. But rather than focus on the enlightenment that I really must pick up my workout routine and cut out the yummy yummy iced sugar cookies from United, I think I will focus on another aspect. The life of a woman.

It seems to me that the life of a woman is just more complicated than that of a man. For instance, in order for me to be prepared for the pool I must have sunscreen, lip balm, 2 good towels, a beach bag, a hat, cute sunglasses, trendy flip flops, hot mama sunglasses, a swimsuit that sucks in as much as humanly possible, and a fashionable cover up. Sheeesh. Then I think of a man. They are good with an old t-shirt, swim trunks from wallyworld, they might indulge in some nice sunglasses, and a baseball cap, and they are good to go. Now I realize I am generalizing here, but for the most part they have no worries about if their hiney hangs out of their swimsuit or if the swimsuit they bought properly lifts in all the right places and sucks in the other places, or if the cover up they bought matches the color of their swimsuit and their bag. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a girl, it is just so complicated sometimes!

And all of this barely scratches the surface of the wardrobe issues a woman faces simply when getting ready for the pool! We haven’t even scratched the surface of the emotional differences between men and woman. And I don’t know that I even want to on this blog lest I take up pages and pages, not to mention way to much mental energy.

What I do want to mention is that as women, our lives can be just plain tough sometimes. The pressure we face can be unbelievable in between trying to maintain a house, a body, work, volunteer jobs, bible studies, facebook pages, nurture-discipline-love-protect-and teach our children and our family, and the list goes on and on and on and on. It is so easy to get caught up in any one of these things, and begin neglecting the others. It is so very easy to let the balance shift slowly, and we may not even notice that we are neglecting something until things begin to go wrong.

The truth is women just have a lot to do. But no matter how much we do, nothing can ever get in the way of the time we need to spend with God. DAILY (yes that means every day). There is nothing that can replace this, and nothing else that will fill us up. All the shopping, the relationships, the power, the prestige, the new houses, the plastic surgeries in the world will not fill us up. We can exhaust ourselves trying, but we will never be fulfilled until we give all of this other stuff over to God and make him the most important thing, our everything.

God made women, he made us emotional, he made us loving, he made us huggy and feely and everything that we love about being a woman, and he made us to need and long for him. To come to him and get filled up with his love, the love that never abandons, the love that never lets go, the love that the bible speaks of that is absolute impeccable amazing sovereign truth. And then he made us to where it is not enough for us to just receive it, but he gave us the need to go share it with others. To have the need to be filled up, and to have the need to pour out. Women are complicated in every way: physical, mental, and emotional. But one thing is simple, a simple truth, God loves you and me, perfect crazy unconditional love, the simplest thing in our lives yet sometimes the most difficult to accept.


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