Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sometimes it’s just hard to let go. Sometimes it’s hard to know when to let go, and how to let go, and what to let go of!

God puts people and things in our lives for different reasons and different seasons. Sometimes they are there to stay, and some come and go. And we do our best to enjoy the time that they are there, and to fulfill the purpose God has for us in their lives, and to receive the blessings and growth they are to bring to our lives. Even painful relationships can bring growth.

However, letting go is never easy. Letting go of people or things can hurt deeply. Especially if we have placed them in an inappropriate place in our life. Perhaps, idolized them to some degree. Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking idols only come in the form of silver and gold. No, idols can come in any shape and form, person or thing. Idols are anything that we put before God. If you just take a quick peruse of the mention of idols in the bible, you will find that idolatry can lead to demise and distance from God so quickly we don’t even recognize what hit us!

In my journey for healing, I have idolized many a person and thing. I have sought healing from numerous books, articles, meditation exercises, yoga, counseling…and don’t get me wrong…all of these things have been of immense value. However, the truth is that they can never bring healing. They can help to deal with the hurt and the pain, and let us know we are not alone in our suffering, but they can never ultimately “replace the bondage with a bandage” as Beth Moore would say. Only God can do that.

So…today I laid a lot of things down, and let go. And I don’t know that I won’t run back to pick them up again, and I pray that I won’t. But I laid them down, in hopes of finding the healing that I have sought every wrong place, believing that God is finally the right place. Yes, it hurts, for now, but the spirit keeps reminding me that I have taken the first step towards ultimate healing now from the God who never leaves or abandons and knows all my thoughts and my past and my fears. He will comfort me like no other, I just have to let him. Letting him.


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