Friday, February 26, 2010

Hop hop hopping away.

Okay, so I was at the gym the other night. And I just can’t help myself, while I am on the elliptical my eyes just wander. I am a people watcher at its best. This time I saw one thing that just fascinated me. Okay-so get ready to build your visual picture, here goes. There are two men, one standing in front of the other. One guy is holding this big long rubber band looking thing, and the other has it tied around his waist. Then the guy in the front proceeds to hop through a ladder looking thing on the floor while the guy in the back pulls with all his might to hold the guy in the front back while he hops through the rungs of the ladder thing. Looked like an awesome workout. And the guy in the front was just pouring sweat, but I was just over there laughing, I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if the guy in the front suddenly lost his strength and went flying full speed to the guy in the back knocking them both to the ground. Does that ever happen? I don’t know, but I thought it sure would be funny for me if it did, not so funny for them.

So as I kept working out, I couldn’t help but visualize God in the back holding on to me, as I hop aimlessly looking for this or that, sweating the whole time, and all the while God is still standing there, the strong one. He has got the band of love and grace wrapped around me. But thank goodness it’s stretchy, cause I keep bunny hopping away, looking for something in each rung of the ladder. I hop to one, hoping it will fill my emptiness. Nope. So I hop to the next one, surely this is the one that will fill me up, nope. And I hop and I hop and I sweat and I hop, and I sweat, all the while the tension building on the band. Till finally I lose my strength, and thank goodness, wammo, I go slamming back to where I started from. Falling right into God’s loving kindness and grace.

Aren’t we glad that no matter how far we hop away, God always keeps that band around us, pulling us back to him. And no matter how far we hop away, he doesn’t ever let go. He just waits for us to either turn around and come back to home, or if you are like me you prefer it the hard way, where battle and battle till you lose strength, because by gosh, you can do it on your own, until WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH, you go sailing back through the air full force! But thank goodness it isn’t flying back into a brick wall, it is flying back into the cushy wonderfulness of his loving arms that can break any fall, no matter how hard.


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