Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hidden Among the Baggage

I have a little angel on my desk. It is one of those willow tree angels that someone very special to me gave me as a gift. She is beautiful, and when I received her I thought, how nice. But, I am not courageous. That will never be me, really, I can put off an air to others like I am courageous, but inside, no, I am not.

So today, she sits looking at me on my desk. Perhaps I am noticing her today for the first time in a while because last nights bible study was on courage. Courage to overcome generational bondage, or even just our own bondage and baggage, although I would argue that most stuff we consider “just our own stuff” is generational if we really take the time to dig that deep.

Beth Moore used an example from 1 Samuel 10:22. Saul had been chosen among many to be crowned King, but when they looked for him, they could not find him. He had hidden himself among the baggage. Now that just makes me laugh and smile. Oh how long I have hidden myself among the baggage. Always believing that God was all powerful, but not powerful enough to bring me out from among the baggage. There is just too much I would always say, It is just too hard, I just can’t do it.

And my angel of courage beckons me, are you courageous enough to come out from the baggage, or do you just want to disguise yourself as just another worthless suitcase. God take our baggage if we let him. He can crown us princes and princesses if we let him, if we are willing to come out of hiding. So I guess the question we all have to ask ourselves is, are we courageous enough to let him. Do we trust him enough to leave the baggage behind and come out to live in victory?

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  1. Mike Nuthman has told me many times that "encourage" means to "pour courage" into someone. Maybe that's part of having so many friends who love you - they get to pour courage into you so that you don't have to be courageous by yourself.