Monday, January 11, 2010

When you stop looking for a rubber band, you find your heart!

Well, this morning God taught me a lesson, in of all places, the bathroom. LOL.

So I am getting ready to dry my hair this morning. I go looking for my rubber band to hold the top half of my hair up while I dry the bottom half. Looking, looking, looking, no rubber band to be found! Frustrated, I hear a still small voice, "Honey just go ahead and start drying your hair without the rubber band, I have something to show you." And I think, "Really God? With a rubber band?" "Yes, honey, with a rubber band." Okay, I reluctantly obey. I swing my hair over my head and start drying it upside down, thinking, okay God is going to show me how he meets my needs even when I can't see it, there is going to be a rubber band on the floor. Looking, looking, looking, no rubber band. Looking some more, I hear, STOP LOOKING! OKAY OKAY OKAY, and when I finally stop looking, I spot it. Not a rubber band, but a beautiful tiny little heart sticker stuck to my rug. A little heart sticker that a sweet little girl had given to me the week before while I was teaching Sunday School, stuck right to my rug, right in front of my face. And then it comes, "Honey, when you stop looking for a rubber band, you find your heart."

And so, I publish this for a few reasons. Number one, God can speak to anyone, anytime, anywhere, through anything! Even when it makes no sense and sounds crazy and absurd, sometimes I think he prefers it that way so that we have no doubt in our minds that it had to be him! Second, top looking for a rubber band, and you will find your heart. Rubber bands can be anyting we use to bind up our hearts. Perhaps we bind them up with silence, or sarcasm, or funny jokes, or laughter, or avoidance, or feeling sorry for ourselves. Whatever it is we prefer, so many of us bind up our hearts, lest anyone see our true emotions. And then we wonder why we feel empty and alone. My dear, stop looking for more rubber bands to bind up that wounded heart. Sometimes wounded hearts just need to bleed a little. It may be broken, it may be damaged, hurting, bleeding, hemorrhaging even. But, I think that is just the way God likes our hearts to be. If they were not wounded, what would there be for him to heal. And as Beth Moore has said, we are often much more beautiful people healed than we would have ever been if we were perfect. So today, stop looking for that darn rubber band, the one you use every day to make sure things look just right, and let God in to find your heart, it may be broken, but trust him to show you how beautiful broken can be.

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  1. There is so much I could say, but yet words are not enough. God is The Great Physician and I pray He can heal my broken heart as well.