Friday, January 29, 2010

Sometimes we just need to stop and turn around

Stop! Turn Around! No, Seriously, STOP, TURN AROUND! You ask me over and over again to heal you honey, but you keep walking the wrong way. The path you refuse to move off of is fraught with landmines right and left, rattlesnakes, and big man eating holes!!! Yet, you keep walking, climbing out of one hole, soon to have your leg blown off by the landmine, and your other leg bit by a rattlesnake. Are you enjoying this is, cause you refuse to turn around? Are you that fearful of facing your past, that you would rather keep on a path of destruction for your future? Are you that prideful, that you refuse to admit that the direction you are going just might be the wrong way. If you really want healing, honey, STOP and TURN AROUND!

It takes courage, to turn around and face the past, to walk back through the wreckage. But the more you go in the wrong direction, the more wreckage you have to sift through when you eventually decide enough is enough. So, just trust me, and turn around now, turn around today. You ask me for healing, for freedom from the bondage, but how can I ever set you free if you won't turn around and give me your hands. Why would I heal you when you continue down the road of destruction, if you continue on that path the moment I heal you that rattlesnake is gonna bite again. Turn around, and I will start the healing. You have a long journey ahead, but nothing I can't sustain you through. It seems overwhelming I know, but one step at a time, just turn around, and trust me for the rest.


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