Sunday, January 10, 2010

Trust in me, he says

This is a place I don't want to be
Trust in me, he says
This is a place I cannot stand
My dear, sometimes we all fall down
But I can't take it any longer
I will renew your strength, he whispers
I am all alone
I will never leave you, he loves
I'm tired, but I trust in you
He holds my hand, he smiles
Hold me for just a little while
He hugs me, and looks in my eyes
"You have my strength, you have my love,
you have my rest when you need it, but nows the time
to fight the battle, go, fight, and when your tired
and need renewed, all you need do is receive it"

Trust in the Lord with all you heart soul and mind. We all fall upon times we cannot understand, and times we would rather just lay down and pull the covers back over our heads! It is then, when we feel so exhausted, like we cannot move another inch that we must trust in our Savior. Trust in him with all our heart, and peel back the layers of bondage so that he can heal us. Trust in him with all our soul, believe that he will do what he says he will. And trust in him with all our mind. Our cognitions can be wild, and we start believing the lies of the enemy, whatever those may be. Perhaps that you are worthless, perhaps that you deserved whatever happened to you, that you will never find healing, that you are fundamentally flawed, that things are hopeless, that you are anything less the the Amazing Stunningly Beautiful Daughter of Christ that he made you to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anything short of that is a lie of the enemy! Trust in him with all your mind, believe that you are what he says you are, and let him heal your broken heart. Oh how he loves!


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