Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Spiritual Glasses

So last night I was so very very clumsy. First off I dropped two glasses on the floor in the kitchen, shattering them to bits. Then, when I went to do iron my clothes I knocked the iron off of the ironing board onto the rug, which quickly began to burn and stink to high heaven and my iron is now covered in red gooey rug goo. When I finally crawled into bed I saw my glasses sitting on my nightstand, and thought to myself, well, maybe you are not just clumsy, maybe you should actually wear your glasses, then you could see, what a novel idea, LOL!

But, seriously, aren’t we kind of like that spiritually. We wonder around our hearts and our minds, bumping into this, dropping that, burning this, setting things on fire, and constantly rushing to clean up the messes we have made. Maybe it’s time for us to put on our glasses, and open our eyes to the sins in our life that our entangling us. The sins that very well may be part of the reason we are still dwelling in the pit!

I don’t know about you, but my idea of sin used to be like the seven deadly sins. I though well lets see here I didn’t murder anyone today, ummm, no adultery, I told a little white lie, God forgive me of that, but I think that’s it, so I think I’m good! When God put his glasses on me, I began to see a WHOLE lot more, things that I didn’t even want to see, and had been living in denial of for years! Things like selfishness, bitterness, and a deep seated anger that led to and still at times leads to avoidance. Things I must confess just about every single day. And believe me when I say, he is not finished with me yet, FAR from it, he continues to show me more every single day! Things I could never see on my own, but when I put his glasses on, wow, it all begins to show. But the most beautiful thing about when sin is revealed is that he is mighty to save. His forgiveness is immediate. On the cross it was finished, and any sin God reveals and you confess is forgiven, so don’t let Satan continue to beat your over the head with it!

Today, ask God to open your eyes to un confessed sin that may be wandering around making a mess in your heart. And then receive his forgiveness, and keep in mind change doesn’t happen overnight. Sin patterns can become so engrained, that it often requires tremendous effort and time spent on our knees to overcome the bondage. But hang in there, be patient, and remember when you fall, his hand is always right there to pick you back up.


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