Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shedding light upon the dingy white...

We are re-doing a lot of things in our house right now. We just put down new laminate floors and in the process we had to take all the doors of the hinges. Well, while they were off, we figured it was as good of time as any to repaint our white doors. After all, with kids, especially artistic ones, sometimes your doors just need a little repainting!

As I stood there painting today, with my new can of fresh crisp white paint, I was amazed at how “unwhite” my doors had become. Look at the difference in this picture. These doors had always looked white to me, that is until I began to put a fresh coat on them…that sure brings perspective!

Swish swish swish, as I stood there listening to the peaceful swish of the brush, feeling rather happy that all I have to do today is paint and enjoy my kiddos, God spoke to my heart.

I suddenly felt myself back in the times of Moses, the Passover, painting the doorframes with blood so that the spirit of death might “pass-over” my home and spare my first born son. And then to the sacrifice of the ultimate sacrificial lamb, Jesus, born to die to take away my sin, so that death and punishment for my sins will pass over me, sparing me from an eternity spent separated from God.

I stared at the spot that had not been painted on my door, the spot that I once thought was white, but now looked dingy surrounded by the pure brightness of the glossy new white finish that consumed the rest of the door. I stared at it, because that spot was me. Dingy, dirty, broken, consumed with that unloveable feeling, and longing for healing. Oh, I had been saved mind you when I was at middle school church camp. My sins have been covered by the blood of the lamb for eternity. But what I had once seen as white, now all the sudden appeared a little dingy in the light of his grace.

There were spots that I had refused to let him touch. Dingy white spots, that had been covered, but not yet realized the fullness of the new coat of paint. I had put a barrier over those spots, refusing to acknowledge that He could heal them, and even refusing to allow him access.

Dearest friend, I know that there are spots which we would rather cover up, because they just seem too dingy against the white perfectedness that is Christ. But He didn’t come to save the perfect people, because, oh yea, there ARE NONE!!!! He came to save the lost and broken. Don’t hide your heart from Him any longer, just like he protected the firstborn way back in Moses day…and was faithful to set the captives free. He remains faithful…let his blood wash over you sister…let Him clothe you in that white princess dress…and set this captive heart free!


  1. I can't tell you how many times I've read a blog you've written and found myself at a total loss for words. This is so beautiful. Printing it out to share in devotions with the staff. God's Grace, Truth, and LOVE is always evident here. Love ya!

  2. Great comparison Stephanie. (By the way, it must be the week to paint. Did my son's bedroom this week!) As I was reading your post I am reminded how God tends to work on one broken/dirty part a time. He is so patient with us. When we are just willing to acknowledge those hidden areas that need cleansing, He comes in and does the rest. Thanks!

  3. Heather, you just bless my socks off girl, I am so honored that you want to share this with your staff! It never ceases to amaze me that when I finally surrender (which I must do repeatedly because I am very stubborn, LOL), that it opens me up to hear his voice. When I finaly admit that I am a big fat huge mess on my own, that He picks me up and says I know, but in me you are perfect dear one...and He is sooooo right!

  4. Eileen, yes! I am so greatful that He is patient, becuase my little messy self needs Him to have some patience!!!! LOL!

  5. I. LOVE. THIS. ONE!!!!! You gotta love the revelation that the Lord brings us through the seemingly ordinary tasks we perform. I'll have to share everything I learned during the recent renovation of our house with you at some point. I get taught major lessons through my kids most of the time, so it was nice to have a fresh platform. ;) Keep going strong, Stephanie! - Suzanne (your friendly neighborhood HJ girl :))

  6. Oh so beautifully said Stephanie! Love that you posted the photo too! I am such a visual person and just seeing the difference of color in those whites really drove your point in! Praying for you and also thanking you for your commitment to share your "hard earned wisdom" w us all!