Friday, June 17, 2011

Having a rough day...lets go sew some seed...

Sometimes I wonder why some of us SEEM to have it so easy, and some have so much weight that I do not understand how our backs don’t break under it. If it were up to me, I would quickly run over, take this cup of suffering from my sister or brother, and toss it somewhere beyond the eye can see.

But…it is not my own to decide who should carry what, or what should happen to whom. Thank you Lord that you do not consult me on decisions, because I know I would make a mess of everything.

But, I do need to understand that when it comes to your kingdom, that You are sovereign and in control. I need to understand this because when I constantly question the sovereign will of God, I begin to step into His authority, and take that which is not mine to take, because the very thing I might choose to take could be what gives them a life worth living.

And when we get right down to it, isn’t all life worth living...even in the rough times? When it feels life is beyond our greatest control, we become complete in our dependance upon Him. Isn’t that what makes life worth living? Those moments where we can feel ourselves sitting in the palm of the Father, sheltered by the cleft in the rock, able to weather any storm that comes our way, because the Father is with us.

I don’t know about you, but that is what makes it worth it all to me. I don’t know your cup of suffering, or maybe I do. I don’t know the hand that has been dealt to you, and what God is doing with that hand in your life right now.

But I do know this.

That we will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living (Psalm 27:13). That those who go out with sorrow, carrying seeds to sew, will return carrying sheaves of joy with them (Psalm 126:5-6).

Not just a little smidge of joy, but an entire whopping sheave harvest of joy.

How can this be, you ask. Sheaves of joy from sorrow? It doesn’t make any sense? I agree with you, a lot of things don't make sense.

But sewing requires action, make sense or not. In our sorrow, that is in our tears ,we must choose to sew the seed, the seed being His Word. We must take His Word from the pages to the pavement, acting on every biblical truth we can get our hands on. Because when we sew the word of God, we are promised that it will not return void (Isaiah 55:11).

We are promised sheaves of joy, but for a seed to germinate, it must first be sewn. How will you sew the Word of God today? What scripture has He given you in the midst of your tears and sorrows, and will you trust him for it today? Will you believe it today? Will you ask Him for a way to put it into action today?

Then prepare you rooms for the harvest to be brought in, because it will not return void.

Let’s get to sewing sisters, because the seed of His Word, His divine and powerful Word, is just itching to be sewn in your life right now, right this very minute.


  1. Can't wait what Word He will give me today :)
    And can't wait to see who He will put in my path to sow it into them . Have a great day

  2. What a seed you have planted today in my heart. Thank younger sharing His word! I love Isaiah 55! So powerful!

    In Christ,

  3. Steph,

    You are one of the greatest seed sowers I know. Loved your blog today!!! Spot on!


  4. A wonderful blog post today!

  5. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful post.

    I just stopped by from She Speaks FB page and am so glad I did.

    I look forward to meeting you in July.


  6. believing the words He is giving..i was just talking with a friend about this. If I could take her situation and make it better I would..but you are so right. We'd make a mess of! I could just feel the spirit in your post good and true
    praying His glory and a great big fat ol harvest:)
    love ya this summer day

  7. BEAUTIFUL! I just found your blog and am loving the beautiful way you look at life and put pen to paper so to speak. Love it!