Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Sometimes I get stuck in an icky funk. I call it paralysis mode. The best way I know how to explain is, I sit there ruminating, thinking, and ruminating, and thinking, sometimes for an hour or more. I have been doing it lately concerning the gym. The alarm goes off at 5 am and instead of hopping out of bed and getting my hiney to the gym, my brain has been playing this little game instead:

“Do you have your clothes ready? What if you can’t find your shoes and you
wake up your husband? Is your IPod charged, what if it needs charging and you
are too late to get there in time? What if one of the kids wakes up and wants
breakfast? What if you go to they gym today and then you are running late and
you are late getting the kids to school and late getting yourself to work? What if
………….? What if……………? What if…………….?”

And it’s not just today, I do this daily. It really is unbelievable when I think about it (ha, when I think about it, I am even ruminating about my ruminating, LOL!). And by the time I get to the end of all this thinking, I am exhausted and just end up going back to bed. But, I not only did this with the gym today….I almost called and cancelled an appointment at work today because I was too worried about a million things that could go wrong with the group. The crazy thing is…had I cancelled that group today I would have missed out on a very important event and some excellent bonding time with some amazing teenage girls.

So to make a very long story short, today God has been prompting me to STOP. The “paralysis” is keeping me from so many things. This worry of what “could” happen is keeping me from having anything happen! Really, as the bible says, who can add a single day, or for that matter, a single second to their lives by worrying? In fact, I would even say that worry is a thief, stealing us away from our goals and activities that we actually might enjoy and learn from!

So…if you are a fellow nutty worry wart, paralyzed by fear, like me, it might just be time to STOP! Not just think about stopping, or worry about if stopping is even possible, just STOP! Ask God to help you stop! He will ϑ Don’t let Satan use worry to steal another moment of your life! Love you all and blessings!


  1. Maybe you could set everything out and have it ready down to the coffee pot having a cup of coffee for you. Plan it and have it done before bed. Then, when you start the "what if's" tell yourself you are already set up and ready.

    I can be a procrastinator... and that has gotten me in trouble quite a bit. I don't like to be pushed, and I don't like to rush... this really applies to me!! Thank you so much!

  2. thank you Stephanie - I needed this today:)

  3. I love this. SUCH a GREAT reminder!! I do this more often than I would like to admit and it was so great reading it from someone else who does this. Thanks for the encouragement! :)