Friday, January 7, 2011

Are you worth it? Yes you are!

It’s so often that we don’t realize the impact our words have. I got a card from a wonderful friend the other day with a little bitty note. Just a few simple words. “Thanks for being a wonderful you.” I don’t know how much thought she put into that statement, or that she has any idea the impact that these words had on my day today, but she could’t have made a more perfect statement.

Thanks for being a wonderful you. Not thanks for being a wonderful friend. Not thanks for always being there. Not thanks for the gift. Not thanks for anything really…except just being who you are.

How often is it that someone just loves you for you? How often is it that we just love someone else for being them? Putting no requirements on the relationship. Putting no definition on the relationship, just loving them, simply for being them. It is a rarity for sure…and when God blesses you with someone who loves you like this in your life it is such a tremendous gift.

But the real beauty is that regardless of what the people around us ask or require of us, there is one who always has and always will just love you for you. Sinning…He loves you for you. Praising…He loves you for you. Crying…He loves you for you. Angry…He loves you for you. Lonely…He loves you for you. Happy…He loves you for you. Afraid….He loves you for you. Embarrassed…He loves you for you. Yes, in all your glory, in all your youness, in the good times and the bad times, He loves you for you. What a gift that is. That’s a nice place to park the mind.


  1. love the note...loving Him for loving us..completely and perfectly in all seasons:) I have such a friend..they are treasures!

  2. So true! Thanks for the sweet reminder of who we are because of 'whose' we are!

    oh... and you are wonderful!!