Friday, October 8, 2010

Finding Forgiveness

I have been hit hard lately with lots of stories of women struggling with issues in the past. Struggling to forgive others, yes, but mostly struggling to forgive themselves. I wrote this poem about a year ago, when I was processing through some of my own story. I haven't ever shared it on my blog, but the time just felt right to share it. Much love and blessings, and although I know some of you by name, there are countless others who I do not...but I am praying for all of us women that this weekend perhaps we can be just a bit kinder to ourselves, and allow a Christ's love to become our reality a little bit more.

Finding Forgiveness

Oh the breath of air I breathe
Cleansing is the peace that comes
When true forgiveness has been received
And the waters begin to run.
There really is no one to blame
For the wrongs that have been done.
Each one of us has felt the shame
Yes, every single one.
How deep the waters run of shame and guilt and doubt.
The soul begins to yearn for peace
My darling, you have to let it out.
Don’t hide beneath the bed of lies
That you should be ashamed.
No, let your songs of praise arise
To the one who breaks the chains.
He heals your heart with a song
Sung quietly in the dark.
You have been waiting for so long
To receive a brand new start.
So take your life and live your dreams
For you were just a girl.
How deep, how wide is the stream
That overcomes the world.


  1. I love that you put yourself out there. It's one thing to blog and share your thoughts and heart, another to write poems, and yet, on a totally different level, to share something with so much meaning.

    Very brave.

    Oh, and very good...I didn't even say that!

  2. Do you know how powerful that poem is? Oh, my prayer is that God would just bring those who struggle so deeply with forgiveness to this blog -- that they would be overwhelmed with His unconditional love as they read these precious words.

    You are amazing and God blesses such bravery.

  3. Beautiful!! Forgiveness is something God has specifically been asking me to talk with Him about. Thanks for this lovely post!

  4. Thank you so much girls! This was so meaningful to me at the time I wrote it, and still is. It took me a long time to find forgiveness for myself. If I am downright honest, a lot of it boiled down to pride, thinking that perfection on my part was actually attainable. And at times I still battle with unforgiveness for this particular event, but those times are few and far between. Sometimes we just have to learn to extend the mercy that we would extend to others to ourselves.