Thursday, September 30, 2010


As I was reading back through an old journal, I found a word that I loved. Glueless. I felt glueless. Not just unglued, but glueLESS. Lacking glue, as if the glue had never been applied in the first place. Just kind of like a big blob of parts, lying scattered on the floor in no particular order.

It’s a panicky feeling, glueless that is. Just when you rummage up enough strength to pull yourself back together, someone comes along and pokes you and you fall apart again. And sometimes when you do manage to pull yourself together again, you leave out parts, or you put something in the wrong place, or you just flat out get tired, and lay on the floor in pieces. Glueless.

I have tried the glue of the people variety, which is a nice product. It will help you pull yourself back together, and sometimes will wrap you up in a big hug and guard you from unwanted poking by others, but there is one problem with the people variety. It comes and goes, because this type of glue cannot hold 24/7, nor was it designed to. So although it is an excellent accessory glue, it cannot be the binding glue.

I have also tried the glue of the accomplishments variety. It comes in a very pretty bottle. And it does some nice things. This glue will help you to appear to outsiders as if all your parts are together even when they are not. It is some amazing stuff, but the problem is, it always runs out and you can never get enough. And depending on the prettiness of the bottle, the price can get higher and higher. This is a very nice product, and will create an excellent craft project, but will not hold you together for the long haul, and you ALWAYS need to go out and buy more.

There are so very very many types of glue available, and I have spent a lot of time and money trying as many as possible. But you know, I just haven’t found one that does what I need it to. They all have their good qualities, well most of them that is, but none of them do the job well in all areas. Except for one, and it’s free. But, I have been reluctant to use it; after all, you get what you pay for right? In most situations yes, but this one is a little different.

The beauty of this glue is that it is the best stuff, but completely free of charge. You see, the manufacturer is very wealthy, and He doesn’t need to make money. And His heart is not like ours, He wants everyone to have what He has to offer. Some of us hesitant to pick it up because it sounds too good to be true, or because we feel like it is some type of handout and we would rather see if we can’t take care of things for ourselves first.

But, this glue will hold forever, provided we follow the directions for applying it and apply it daily. The glue doesn’t work unless you use it. His WORD doesn’t STICK unless we let it, unless we apply it. But the beauty of it is that once you pick up this glue, you never have to feel glueless again. It’s a never ending supply. It’s all you need. It can be all you want, and it can become what you crave.

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  1. Glueless...I'm glad were going through old journals. I like the idea of God's work not sticking unless we let it. Sometimes we pick and poke at it too much. Instead, we just need to let it stick.