Thursday, September 9, 2010

Comma Drama

I kind of don’t have anything to write today, but for whatever reason still feel complelled to write, About what…I have not idea. It’s kind of like I have hit a writers block. If I’m honest I have hit it in more ways than one. There seems to be a never ending comma that is just hanging there to irritate me in the story of my life. Not in all aspects, in my family life things are progressing quite nicely. But professionally, I am at a comma spot. I have the degree I want, I have a lot of things I want, and if I look back on the sentence I just wrote maybe that is the problem The problem that I used the word I 4 times, yes 4 times in once sentence. Hmmmmmm. Could it be that I am living in the I? Could it be that I am living to get what I want? Could it be that I am holding out my cup, and asking God to fill it with all the things I think I want, and it has yet to be filled because the cup cannot be filled selfishness? Hmmmmm. You know commas are there for a reason, they allow a pause, a break in thought before the next thought is introduced. Perhaps the text will resume when I have realized the totality of the thought before the comma. Fullfillment does not come from seeking the things you want, COMMA!!!!, but seeking to serve and know me more through BELEIVING and SERVING.

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