Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Riding the Roller Coaster :)

Do you like roller coasters? I definitely do, except when they involve my emotions, LOL. In that case, roller coasters are not so much my friends. I love the part where you get in a cute little car painted all pretty, that is before they strap you down so hard that you cannot breath lest you fall out on the crazy ride that is to come. And I love the part where you go around and around, the wind in your hair, and up a gigantic hill finally to the top. And then you have arrived, seemingly on top of the world, where you can see everything. However, instead of being able to enjoy that time on the top, and take a look around, more often we are terrified because we know what is coming. A sharp drop down plunging into the depths of the pavement, LOL. Why can’t roller coasters just give you a moment at the top to enjoy yourself before they send you plunging to the depths? Well, I guess it’s because roller coasters weren’t made to be a joy ride, they are made to get your adrenaline rushing and have an experience like no other. This is all well and good when I am at the theme park, but seriously, when it is my emotions riding the roller coaster, I AM READY TO GET OFF!!!!

When it comes to my emotions I would much rather ride the kiddie coaster. You know, the kind that just gently go up, and flow right back down, no fear inducing involved, just nicely sloping small hills. But God didn’t design me that way. I have tremendous ups, I get so very excited, even about the small things! I have hopes and dreams that soar to the heavens and times of joy where I literally just jump up and down. But along with the high high high hills, come the low low low depths. When I am sad I feel it with my whole self, when I am disappointed I might as well go underground. When I feel rejected I think I might as well bring out a gigantic drill and keep going down till I reach the other side.

Highs and lows, love the highs, fear the lows. But I am not a prisoner to my emotions, doomed to riding an endless roller coaster of highs and lows. I am free in Christ, no longer under the law, but under grace. I may gracefully swish between times of happiness and times of sadness, but I swish gracefully because I know that God’s love has me covered. The depths may be low, but Christ bore my sin on the tree. I may feel rejected by others, but I know I am loved always by him. I may feel lonely and afraid, but it is only for a season. And when I feel happy, I know that I can gracefully soar high on wings like eagles because of forgiveness, mercy, love and grace. His grace is enough to carry me through the highs and through the lows, so really I don’t have to be afraid, because I know the depths I may plunge to are never depths I will navigate alone. Thank you Lord that I don’t have to be afraid and simply hang on for the ride, but that you know every twist and turn, every drop and rise, and will be with me and strengthen me every step of the way. Hang on to me God, because I need to know you are there.


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