Saturday, July 3, 2010


Head bowed in shame
Eyes filled with tears
Weeping from wounds
Buried throughout the years.
A heart that has been set free
A child born again
Yet refusing to acknowledge
The forgiveness for who she’s been.
Painful memories surface
And the darkness comes on strong
She tells herself she’s failed again
Where did things go wrong?
She cannot do it on her own
No one seems to help enough
When her strength begins to fail
And the waters get too rough.
So reluctantly she lifts her head
To the one who set her free
Almost as if she has forgotten
What He promised to always be.
Her mother named her crowned
God knew her from the start
That she would need to be reminded
Of his place within her heart.
That she is crowned by mercy
And grace that never ends
That the crown he wore in her place
Allows all brokenness to mend.
There’s no more need to shame herself
She doesn’t have to live in fear
If she falls down He’ll pick her up
And wipe away her tears.
She was meant to be crowned
As all were meant to be
Crowned with grace and mercy
Bent humbly on our knees.


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