Sunday, March 21, 2010

She Speaks Conference

Well, we survived it, and actually had a good time I must say! Spring break with two children who not only prefer, but NEED routine. And tomorrow we head back, back to school for the kids and back to work for me. A part of me is excited to return to the crazy normalness we live with, and the other part just wonders what it would be like to carry just a little less on my schedule on a consistent basis.

And so I begin to wonder, why do I do so much? I work to pay the bills of course, and I do a support group and go to a bible study because I LOVE both of these things. But…I also LOVE my family. How can I cram it all in!!!!

I cannot ignore the fact that I continue to feel called into some sort of women’s ministry. What exactly that entails, well that is yet to be revealed. And that’s okay, what fun is life without a little mystery? However, I know and trust that God is piecing together my counseling degree, my love for writing, life experiences, my love for him, my passionate need to share with other women, and my battles with so many issues – he is piecing them together into a beautiful picture that only he could create.

And so…I was reading the devotional that is delivered to my inbox daily…when I stumbled across Lisa TerKeurst’s blog (which by the way is amazing and definitely worth checking out often). She is giving away a scholarship to the “She Speaks” Conference, which I had never really heard of before, but it looks like an amazing experience. It is for women who feel called into some sort of ministry to learn to write and to speak better, and to perhaps narrow their calling a little bit, which I could DEFINITELY benefit from  It looks like an amazing time with God and an amazing time with some phenomenal women of faith. Here is a link to the contest - and a link to the conference in case you might be interested as well

So I am writing this post, and linking it to her blog in hopes that perhaps I will be blessed with a scholarship to attend this conference. And, even though this sounds like an amazing opportunity, and I would love to go, I know that it is ultimately in his hands. So…we will see!
I hope you all have an amazing week! Blessings and Love Always! Stephanie

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  1. Praying that God makes His path for you clear.

    Be blessed,