Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It is for freedom that I have been set free. Tonight's bible study was amazing, and I must say I was deeply moved. Chains are rapidly dropping to the ground, and me and God shared a few awesome moments in which he gave me this.

Like the wind blows the rain, so is my love for you
You see, the tree is stubborn, it does not move
It does not bend to the wind, it is strongly rooted in itself
But, as the rain falls steady from the sky
So it is moved by the wind
It does not fight, it does not bend and yet stay rooted among itself
No, it flys wherever the wind takes it
Falling exactly in the spot it needs to
Do not try to be the wind yourself, trying to move others to a new place
For only I am the wind
Be like the rain,
Fall freely from the sky, wherever my love may take you
For it is here you may be able to move
Not because you want to
But because you have been obedient to the wind and landed where you needed to
Watering what I wanted you to water
And now you may see a flower grow
Never by your own intentions, but only by mine
For only in me can you be made whole
Only I can turn a raindrop into a flower
Only I can teach you how to water
Never the tree
Never the wind
Only the rain
I have called you to be the rain.


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