Monday, February 14, 2011


Steps. I like how the word steps is just one letter away from Steph’s.

Steph’s steps.

When I was in middle school some kids would joke and call me “step on me”, which I can totally laugh about now, but it sure wasn’t funny when I was an awkward 12 year old, LOL!

Steps. Am I taking the right steps or the wrong steps? Is He leading my steps, or am I leading my steps and calling them His? Steps.

And what about standing. Sometimes is it okay just to stand?

I guess this is all on my mind tonight because I am taking a big step tomorrow. I am placing myself, voluntarily, in a very vulnerable position. Sounds crazy huh? I often wonder what it is about the awesome love of Christ that can make us take our darkest fears and secrets and display them for others to see. It is amazing how he takes my feet and moves them in steps that I would have never chosen to walk on my own, but steps that I can’t fathom not taking.

So I will cling to him, and He will hold me upright (Psalm 63). My steps may be unsteady and weak at first, but I am safe in the shadow of His wings.

Another funny thing about middle school. We had this awesome youth music pastor when I was in middle school. And He used to sing the song “Sometimes by Step“ by Rich Mullins. I can almost feel myself back in that hot gym on a middle school mission trip in Corpus Christi as I sing the song in my head. A mission trip that I was scared to go on. Looking back, even as a middle schooler, I had to trust him to guide my steps. He has prepared me for this. Here is the song. I hope it holds a special meaning for you as well and brings you blessings on the journey.


  1. I was literally just thinking about this tonight. This past weekend I did something that made me feel very vulnerable and nervous to do, but I knew God was calling me to do, so I did it out of obedience. I'm not even sure what the purpose was behind it, but I know I did what I feel God was calling me to do, and I leave it all in His hands.

    I will pray for what you are doing tomorrow too. :)

  2. Wow, your post really echoes some of my current dilemma. May we both find that God is guiding us in our steps.

  3. I can't wait to hear about the big step (no worries if it is too much to share). I will pray and you take that step. I love Rich Mullins and this was such a favorite song of mine growing up. I still catch myself singing it and "random" times.

  4. I'm bawling like a big baby...let's share that video again tomorrow? You my friend are the safest when you go where He tells you...there is no place safer and like Christy said..we ALL have scarlet letters...from A to Z.
    We all all is in the light of His grace and truth that healing comes...for us and others.
    I love Him for taking imperfect and struggling and making it is the vulnerability of the imperfect that we show that He finds is in the the not being real where He cannot help. praying your story will allow Him a way in others hearts for healing to begin...yes?
    love the altar with you today..and tomorrow

  5. Girl, you are brave and courageous and you have a Defender and Lover on your side that will always protect you! Praying right this moment that today went well. No doubt you were a blessing!! Hugs! Sam