Sunday, February 6, 2011

7 random things about me :)

Wow, if I needed confirmation that my life is pretty boring, this was it, LOL! Jen at Finding Heaven, one of the most awesomest bloggy sisters ever, send me an assignment. I am supposed to write down 7 things that you don’t know about me. Shouldn’t be such a hard task, should it? I have spent the weekend trying to think of seven things that make Stephanie WAY COOL, LOL, but ummmm, yea, I’m just not that cool, LOL. So here are my 7 rather boring, rather normal things about me, that you didn’t know.

7. I have a dog. His name is Buzz and he is a minature schnauzer. He is my baby. He sleeps in our bed on his back which cracks me up, and farts a lot, which stinks. My husband likes to get him all wound up, in which he makes noises similar to a garbage disposal. I love my doggy Buzz. I am definitely a dog person.

6 .I work for our local school district on a federal grant. It is a grant to reduce alcohol abuse in our community. I LOVE my job. However, it will no longer be funded after this school year, so I am searching like crazy for something else! It has been the best job ever! I get to work with at risk students, I get to design billboards, be on the news occasionally, write articles, and design a full color newsletter twice a year. Like, I said, I love it, and I am praying God brings me along something I love even more!!!

This picture is me on Lake Michigan in Chicago. This is where we had our annual conference for our grant!

5. I am messy and unorganized. I really have a hard time keeping my house clean, and my closet looks like a laundry basket exploded in a fit of rage. It’s truly a mess. I probably could do better about this if I really wanted to, but what fun is cleaning anyways? I would much rather be having fun!

This picture doens't really match being messy, but I just wanted to share it!

4. I often wear my husbands sock, or socks with holes in the toes, if I wear socks at all. I love the summertime because socks aren’t necessary, but unfortunately in the winter they are. I probably could go buy some cute socks, and I might enjoy them. But socks are always covered up! I would much rather spend my money on parts of my wardrobe that people can see. I am the happiest in my flip flops, because I will pay for pedicures, because cute toenails, those are definitely an accessory with having!

3. I submitted a book to the Women of Faith writing contest, which in and of itself, is one thing. But, I wrote the 80 page book in 3 days. Yes, three days. Going back over it, I have found lots of things I wish I would have written differently, there are lots of spelling/grammer errors, and I probably could have done a much better job had I spent time on it. But, I just couldn’t bear to let the deadline pass by without submitting something. The good thing is, at least now I have a manuscript that I can work from! So, February 9th they announce the top 30. Which, I would be floored if I made it to, after all, there were lots of mistakes. But, when it’s the right time, I will submit it again, and God will use it! So, ummmm, yes, I am a last minute kind of girl and a definite procrastinator!!!

2. I am going to turn 30 in June, and it will be our 10th wedding anniversary in July! Not to mention, my son will turn 9 and my daughter will turn 6, both in May. That is just crazy, I feel really old, LOL!

1. My computer crashed about 2 months ago, so I have been blogging from our itty bitty Nickelodeon netbook for what seems like forever now. We are getting a new computer with our tax return momeny, YAYYYYYYYY!!!! Because the Nickelodeon netbook is about to make me CRAZY!!!! But, that being said, meeting all my bloggy friends and blogging has been one of the biggest blessings ever that God has put in my life! I love you bloggy friends, thanks for all the joy, wisdom, and passion that you bring into my life!

I am supposed to tag seven bloggy sisters to do the same, but, ummmmm, it's snowing outside, LOL, and I really wanna just snuggle up and watch the snow and drink my coffee now! So, if you want to post your seven random things, consider yourself tagged, if not, no worries, LOL! So, I guess another random thing would be, I AM VERY, okay maybe a little to much, but VERY LAID BACK! And I love me some Jesus!!!


  1. You aren't even 30 yet and you feel old?? I had such a hard time turning 30, but I'll be 33 in May. Oh dear, now I feel old! 33!

    I didn't know about your job situation. So glad you told me so that I could be praying for you, sweet sister!

  2. I love your random list. I am a dog person too...and my dog has the same smelly problem. I also long for warmer months so I can be sock free once again!

  3. I LOVE I know more about one of my favorite girls behind the screen:) You are a doll. I, too, love being barefoot...hate shoes and love summer for that very reason!
    Oh how I pray you make the list Steph! I will be praying with you on your is so rare to find a job you love right?
    oh, btw...our dog farts!

  4. I love reading these kinds of posts, it's always fun to see what people share. I sure hope you get a job you love just as much, or somehow they decide to extend the grant. It's sure a worthwhile cause, that's for sure.

    Best of "luck" on the manuscript, that's so exciting. Way to just go for it.

    Our 10th anniversary is July, too! The 7th, actually. 10 years sure went fast :)

  5. Super cute!!! Exactly what I would've pictured if we'd been chatting over coffee (are you a Starbucks girl??).

    Random fact about me: I have a ton of cute socks, but don't match them up when I wear them. Life's too short! :)