Sunday, April 25, 2010

STOP IT ALREADY with the "yes, but..."

Boy did I receive a word this morning. I was listening to Beth Moore’s how to be a wise wife, and oh my gosh, I tell you she wrote that message just for me I think! And it has just been setting with me and running through my head ever since, so I thought I would share one quick thing God is teaching me based off of things I have heard in the past few days.

Let your yes be yes and your no be no. How many of you are a fan of the “yes, but….”. Yes Lord, I want to do your will, but… Yes Lord, I trust you, but… Yes Lord, I hear what you are telling me, but… Oh, my sister, lately I have been way to big a fan of the yes but. If they had a yes but fan button on facebook, I think I would totally click it! However, what are we really saying when we use the yes but? What we are really saying is no. What we are really saying is, God I hear you, but I think I will go ahead and try things my way first. God I trust you, but not with this, I need to handle this on my own. STOP IT! I have to STOP IT! No more using the yes but for me! I either do or I don’t!

Well, that was quick, but it was just so heavy on my heart that I had to share! Off to church now, and some more conviction I am sure, LOL! But what do you expect when you ask for growth? LOL!


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