Sunday, April 11, 2010

Heres to all the Autism Mama's out there, you are amazing!!!!

Well, I usually don’t blog about autism, mainly just because there are already so many amazingly talented and gifted moms out there writing about autism (yes you are one of them Stephanie Bass if you read this ). But today, autism mommas were on my mind.
I just want you all to know how very very beautiful each and every one of you are. Your patience is tested daily, undoubtedly, but yet you endure. Your children have good days and bad days, and yet you never lose hope. You drive round and round in circles for treatments and therapy on a daily basis, yet you never complain. You write check after check for those very treatments and therapies, yet you don’t seem to mind. You research tirelessly on the internet, hoping to find something that will help your child with that one obstacle he or she just can’t seem to overcome right now, and your determination shows. You never give up, you never quite fighting; you keep hanging in there, for the good days and the bad days. The great days at school, and the days that your child licks playground equipment and eats dirt, LOL. The days that your child may try to flush his shirt down the toilet, yet you laugh, and say, he has always had a thing for toilets. LOL.
So…please know that God amazing plans for you, and your family, and your dearest children. He knows exactly what he is doing. I know there are days where we wonder what life might have been like, had we been given a “normal” child. And I’m sure just about every single one of us has laid out on the floor, and screamed out why?!?!?!(Okay, or maybe that’s just me, LOL). But then we get up, and that perfectly made little one looks at us and does something that makes our heart melt, and we know the answer to the why?
God made each and every one of us in his image, and autism is just a word with a set of behaviors that some person made up. We use the word because it gets help for our children, and certainly helps us explain why our child is rolling around on the floor at Wal-Mart at age 7! But ultimately, it is just a word. But, our child, our child is so much more than a word; they are so much more than autistic. And they are so much more in part because of all that you do for them, mammas, so keep on trucking! You are amazing, and you perform feats of physical and emotional strength every day that no other person could possibly understand, and I love you all! So dearly, I love you all, and far more than I could ever love you, God LOVES YOU ALL SOOOOOOOOOOOO VERY MUCH!!!!! Have an amazing week and be blessed!!!


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