Friday, June 25, 2010

Resting in Green Pastures

Do you know of anyone else in your life who promises to “make you lie down in green pastures”? Just take a minute, what a gorgeous picture this is: you, lying down, resting peacefully in a green, thriving, soft green pasture. Yes, He and he alone makes us lie down in green pastures. A pasture we could never grow hungry in, a soft sweet cushy bed of green grass.

Sometimes we choose to lie down in our own pit of dumpy mud instead, wallowing like a pig in our own pit of despair and doubt. But that is not what he offers to us, not what he wants for us, not at all what he wants for his beautiful daughter. This is not where you lie. No, he would have you lie in green pastures. Pastures of growth, pastures of change at times, but always a peaceful green pasture among the thorny bushes of life. Not a stark barren dessert of loneliness, but a beautiful green pasture filled with joy where all you need is Him.

And notice that we are lying down in this pasture, not running around, trying to tame the wild animals, or be the first one in a race out of the pasture, no here we are just lying peacefully in the pasture. A pasture of growth, and yet we are lying down. Could it be that sometimes growth comes with the ability to just lay it down, be at peace, and be thankful for the blessings that are thriving all around us. Maybe. Tonight, when you go to sleep, maybe you could lie your head down in the green pasture he has prepared for you, his beautiful daughter. Just rest in Him.


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