Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lay it down

Do you ever want something to happen so bad that you just can’t lay it down? It’s almost as if we think the tighter we hold onto a dream, the more likely it is to happen. There is a fear that if we let it go, it might get up and fly away. It’s kind of like holding a paper airplane in your hand and expecting it to fly after you have crushed the life out of its wings because you’re gripping it so hard.

Dreams are like that. They are important. They are needed. They give us something to strive for, a reason to live, a feeling of purpose. However, when we refuse to lay our dreams down at the throne of God, he never has a chance to make them happen. If you never let go of the paper airplane, he can never turn it into a magnificent flying machine that will sour through the sky.

What are you having a hard time letting go of today? Is it the fight? Are you having a hard time believing that if you don’t keep fighting for your dream, it may never come true? That if you give it to God and let Him take care of it, that he might not do exactly what you wanted him to do? Sometimes we are so afraid that he might modify our dreams a little bit to better fit his purpose, that instead of giving them to Him, we continue to choke the life out of them ourselves. Dreams are worth fighting for, but fighting is useless unless you have the will of God behind you. There are just certain things that aren’t worth fighting for, and unless you give that dream to God, you will never know what he can do with it. He might fashion it into something you never thought it could be, but unless you give it to him, you will never know. And although the dreams our heads can come up with can be good, I promise you, God only fashions the very best, and he only has the very best in store for you.

Trusting Him with something as big and as personal as our dreams can be difficult. It requires a new level of submission that we may not have bowed to before. It may require some patience, as you quietly wait for Him to do his work. Sometimes the hardest thing is not laying the dream down, it is waiting patiently and not running back and snatching it back up! So pray for patience. Humbly lay your dreams before his throne, and pray for patience and peace and trust that he only has the best in mind for his beautiful child. Lay it down. Wait. It takes time to turn a crushed paper airplane into a 747, sometimes it requires some modifications, but lay it down. He has amazing things in store for his beloved children. Lay it down.


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